51 Ghanaian students on govt scholarship cry over neglect in India

Engineering Lab At Giet The Engineering laboratory at Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology

Tue, 31 Mar 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Some 51 Ghanaian students who received government scholarships to study in India say they are losing their motivation to study due to the treatment they’ve been receiving since they landed in the foreign land.

The students who have been in India since August 2019, say authorities failed to carry out a proper investigation on the institution they were to study at. They only found out on arrival that the school, Godavari Institute to Engineering and Technology, was actually a college with an unhygienic environment.

“Most of the students started falling sick, it can be stated that about 90 percent of the students were frequently visiting the hospital or getting admitted, why? because the school was a very unhygienic place a dirty “KVIP” sat adjacent to the canteen and students were killing a minimum of 4 big snakes every day, the hostels looked like squalors where monkeys were constantly dumping faeces on the porch and barging into dirty lecture halls while lectures was ongoing.” A report from the students reads.

After several complaints, Ghana’s High Commission to India sent some persons to ascertain the situation after which they were moved to a different school but that also came with its own issues.

“The secretariat made it clear there was no money so the students would have to take the train and make a 40-hour train trek to New Delhi then we would take a 5-hour bus ride to Punjab State, whoever had belongings needed to post them to their destination out of their own pockets. As the students arrived at Lovely Professional University, they were told that their feeding fee will not be paid, and they should find a way to feed themselves…”

The students said they have sent petitions to the Chief of Staff and other prominent persons, but none has yielding results so far.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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