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85% vote for Mahama is a defeat – A.B.A. Fuseini

Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu, A.B.A. Fuseini has asked John Mahama to concede defeat should he attain less than 85% in the upcoming NDC flagbearer contest.

His comments come on the back of assertions made by ex-ambassador to the UAE, Daniel Osei denigrating the candidature of Mr Mahama and how his comeback would be a doom for the NDC.

The former ambassador speaking on Adom FM’s Current Affairs show, Burning Issues indicated that “Mahama’s only reason for wanting to come back is greed”.

According to the former ambassador, president Mahama presided over a corrupt government of family and friends and therefore “lacks the focus and discipline to take us to victory”.

He explained that there are a few variables to determine the victory of an election which include registering people, voters turning out to vote and the message, variables he says Mr Mahama does not believe, adding that he “has cultivated this culture of sycophancy around him who don’t believe in that and he lacks the focus to even think through that practice”.

The former ambassador also alleged that President Mahama had to designate Ohene Agyekum to inform the party of his intention to contest the 2020 election because he was intoxicated by the content in the flask he holds.

He said one of the party members called him on the day of the submission of his letter and informed him that Mahama was tipsy when a certain video of him and the supporters chanting him was released.

“One of them called me whilst they were waiting and told me. Didn’t I tell you the man hasn’t changed, he couldn’t go because they say he is drunk and the scent from his mouth would not be pleasant if he is to submit the letter himself,” he alleged the show.

He says he has no problem with the consumption of alcohol but said such acts “reflect the very weakness Nii Lantey says he has worked on”.

In responding to the allegations by the ex-ambassador on the same show, the MP for Sagnarigu, ABA Fuseni, said Daniel Osei is not a true party member and a man who also lacks the appreciation that men make mistakes including the appointment of him (Daniel Osei) as an ambassador.

Hon Fuseini added that Mr Osei has an agenda to destroy president Mahama because “when the handshake passes the elbow, it’s no longer a greeting but a fight and what this man is doing is no longer a criticism to construct but an agenda to destroy not only president Mahama but the NDC”.

In response to the intoxication allegation, the Minority Spokesperson on Communications said it must be “treated with all the contempt that it deserves”.

“Everybody knows president Mahama is not a drunkard and for you to even make such an allegation, nobody would take you serious”, he fumed.

He said President Mahama appointing Mr Osei as an ambassador is the biggest mistake he made in his administration but added that the ex-ambassador “will be a monumental failure” in his quest to tarnish the image of the former President.

Hon A.B.A Fuseini has asked the former ambassador to support whoever he deems fit for the race rather than taunting the image of president Mahama.

Source: adomonline.com
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