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Akufo-Addo is clearing NDC mess to make way for development - Chiana-Paga NPP Chairman

The Chiana-Paga constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mohamud Adams Karimu, has appealed to Ghanaians to exercise patience with President Akufo Addo, as he works through the mess created by the former administration, to bring the needed development in all sectors of the country.

According to him, the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, in its 8 years in office, created a lot of mess before exiting power and until the disorderliness is redressed or cleared, it will be difficult for government to fully implement the numerous life-changing social policies to better the lives of the people.

“The NPP is bringing massive development. His Excellency, President Nana Addo, is committed to developing every sector of this country. But before that, he will have to clear the huge mess created by the NDC during their 8 years in office. John Mahama and the NDC created a lot of mess that must be cleared before any development can take place. I’m therefore appealing to you to be patient with government and have faith in Nana Addo as he works to deliver on his promises”.

Mr. Karimu, affectionately called Chairman Gargo, made the statement during separate engagements with over 110 women organizers from all polling stations in the constituency.

At the brief meetings held in Chiana, Sirigu, Kandiga, Mirigu-Nabango and Paga, Mr. Karimu, from his own funding, distributed several full pieces of GTP cloths and money to the women as show of appreciation for their unrelenting support, services and committed to activities of the party at all levels.

His kind gesture, he noted, is one of the numerous programs lined up under his chairmanship to appreciate the hard work of members of the party’s constituency executive body, as they celebrate the Christmas and New Year.

He said the entire executive body of the party played a crucial role in winning power from the NDC two years ago and as a chairman of the constituency, he saw it prudent to say “thank you” to members whenever the year draws to a close.

He placed emphasis on the role the women’s wing of the party played in galvanizing support in winning power in the 2016 elections and stated that, it is the reason he chose to appreciate the women first. He urged them to have faith in President Akufo Addo and put in much efforts to enable the NPP retain power in elections 2020.

Chairman Gargo also expressed his satisfaction in the unity existing within the constituency party executive body, with a call for an even stronger bond that can overcome all obstacles as the party gathers momentum to win the parliamentary seat from the opposition NDC.

He hinted that government has plans in the offing to empower women with various skills training and jobs so as to become financially independent to take care of their families.

“The NPP government has the welfare of women at heart. There are a lot of plans to train and equip women with funds and jobs so that you can be able to work and make some income or salary to be able to take care of your families”.

Asuliwono Comfort, the constituency women organizer, in her address entreated the women to foster unity and eschew all forms of acts that have the tendency of breeding hate and jealousy among them.

She announced that a loan facility had been secured and will soon be disbursed to support the women in their various business activities.

She urged the women to be channels that will propagate the good policies of government since they come into direct contact with the populace in their daily activities.

The constituency secretary, Bayisisige Simon, lauded the women for their loyalty while the party stayed in opposition for 8 years.

He told them to continuously demonstrate true loyalty towards the party and pay deaf ears to opposition who would come knocking at their doors.

The secretary believes that the NDC’s insistence that they will reclaim power in the next general elections is only an illusion.

He stated that the large unwavering support for the NPP will negatively affect the chances of the umbrella family.

“In 2020, the NDC is not coming back. The large support for this party (NPP) alone shows that the NDC have no chance in the 2020 elections. Don’t let me deceive you. Let’s work hard as a team and in 2020, victory will be ours”, he said conclusively.

Source: Senyalah Castro Cazo
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