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Akufo-Addo’s administration will create 2.4 million jobless people – CDG

The Chief Convener of the Centre for Democratic Governance (CDG), a political think tank, Dr Ebenezer K. Hayford says President Akufo-Addo’s inability to create jobs for the jobless masses is a breach of moral and spiritual obligation. He has therefore admonished the president to learn the skill of creating jobs from his predecessor, President John Dramani Mahama.

He said under the leadership of President Mahama, he embarked on several projects which resulted in the creation of jobs for many Ghanaian nurses, doctors, engineers, administrators, carpenters, masons, electricians, drivers, labourers, surveyors, contractors and shop owners.

A press statement issued by the group Monday, May 7 predicted that the school system will release 2.4 million jobless graduates during the first term of Akufo-Addo's tenure.

According to the group, the huge numbers of unemployed people in the country, mostly university graduates is a “social dynamite” that must be tackled practically.

Dr Hayford said President Akufo-Addo “is unable to think outside the box to roll out projects that can create massive jobs”, adding that he worsened the situation on March 3, 2018, when he dismissed 5,000 Community Police personnel because their two-year contract with the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) had ended.

He criticized the president that although he promised Ghanaian voters during the 2016 campaign to protect the public purse, he is rather wasting the little resources in the national kitty.

“One of the things the President also promised to do was to protect the public purse. On the contrary, he is spending lavishly the tax payers money,” he said.

He added that “up to date, he has used GH¢41 million in trips outside the country. Where and what are his priorities?”

Dr Hayford also criticized the president for allegedly spending GH¢9.5 million to renovate his private residence, noting that “he has renovated the Peduase Lodge for GH¢100 million. Where and what are his priorities? Is it to create jobs or renovate houses?”

Below is the full statement


Promises President Akufo Addo made a number of promises during the 2016 electioneering campaign. Some of the promises were so juicy, that Ghanaians decided to elect him as President. Sixteen months down the lane, there is no concept for jobs. The President is at the end of his innovations. He is unable to think outside the box to roll out projects that can create massive jobs. He worsened the situation on 3rd March 2018, when he dismissing 5,000 Community Police personnel because their 2year contract with Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has ended. The dismissal of over 60,000 other Community workers will follow in about four weeks. These are employment projects rolled out by former President Mahama.

Learning from Mahama I think President Akufo Addo has to learn from the employment strategy of former President Mahama. He carried out massive Infrastructural projects. The building of Tamale and Ho Airports, Universities at Ho and Sunyani, University hospitals in Legon and Tamale; Regional hospitals in all the ten Regions; building of polyclinics and chip compounds across the length and breath of the country. He constructed the Kwame Nkrumah and Kasoa Interchanges. He constructed the cocoa roads and other roads including the eastern corridor road. He also built about thirty of the hundred Day Schools across the country.

Massive employment

The above listed projects lasted many years and gave jobs to many million Ghanaians. Nurses doctors, engineers, administrators carpenters, masons, electrician, drivers, laborers, surveyors, contractors and shop owners found jobs from the projects. Market women and shopkeepers were happy because there was brisk buying and selling. It`s sad to note that a whole completed University Hospital (Legon Teaching Hospital) built by former President Mahama is locked up while nurses, doctors administrators and laborers are looking for employment. Is this stupidity or Politics?

Does the president know?

The President probably does not know, that about 130,000 students, graduate every year from our tertiary Institutions; that about 383,000 complete the SHS. If we subtract those entering the tertiary institutions we are left with 253,000 on the street. From the JHS, we have about 603,000 being chained out. If you subtract the 383,000 who gain admission to SHS, we are left with 220,000 on the street. Out of the school system therefore, the total number of new comers who enter the job market every year is 603,000. In four years, it will be 2,412,000. If we count the number of present unemployed at about 10.5 million, we are confronted with a conservative figure of about 13 million unemployed in 2020. What is Nana Addo doing about this social dynamite?

Lies and promises In London (in April), before a Ghanaian community Dr Bawumia denied having promised one million dollar for every constituency, It was only an after thoughts, he said. This week on joyfm Mr Kusi Boafo (an NPP communicator) said, they cannot be pushed to build factories in every district because it is a campaign promise. With all these denial, Ghanaians are questioning the veracity of the National Builders Corps.

One of the things the President also promised to do was to protect the public purse. On the contrary he is spending lavishly the tax payers money. He has 110 Ministers (instead of 87 in 2016). He has 998 Presidential staffer (instead 780 in 2016). He is spending 9.5 million in renovating his private residence. He has renovated the Peduase lodge for 100 million. For several thousands, he has changed the name Flagstaff House to Jubilee House. Up to date, he has used 41 million in trips outside the country. Where and what are his priorities? Is it to create jobs or renovate houses?

Conclusion Mr President note, that failing to fulfill campaign promises to the people is a breach of moral and spiritual obligation, because the voice of the people is the voice of God.
Source: Graphic.com.gh
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