Anas reveals who will take over from him should he die now

Sat, 30 Jun 2018 Source: YEN

Multiple award-winning investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has indicated that in the instance of his death, his colleague journalists will continue from where he left off and would ensure that corruption is exposed.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Joy FM and monitored by YEN.com.gh, the undercover journalist revealed that he was very confident that his colleagues were going to continue with his legacy.

He said that journalists played a very vital role in the sanctity of the society and institutions set up by law to serve the populace.

The journalist went on to add that in his lone of work, his life was always in danger but he was the least perturbed about what was going to happen should he lose his life because of the confidence he had in his colleagues.

Anas added that his work as an undercover journalist was to name, shame and jail corrupt officials and he said many people had been imprisoned due to his investigative works.

He revealed that the fight against corruption transcended Ghana’s borders because he had liaised with journalists in other African countries.

In a wide-ranging interview concerning his work and modus operandi, Anas indicated that he was not ready to mention names or reveal identities of people he worked with.

He also was not ready to provide any monetary details involved in his latest piece, ‘Number 12’.

In an earlier interview with TV3 on Wednesday, June 27, Anas revealed that he was surprised that many people took a lot of interest in the matters of football.

Anas mentioned that after he finished the investigation and people started making noise about it when they saw excerpts.

He then said he reached out to some of his colleagues who were more sports-inclined to seek their opinion on his investigation which had been completed a long time ago.

According to the journalist, the feedback he received pushed him to release the exposé so as to sanitize football in Ghana because he realized a lot of people were passionate about the ‘beautiful game’.

Anas’ piece has already caused a lot of issues including the dissolution of Ghana’s football governing body and other rippling effects.

The former head of the GFA, who happens to be an executive of FIFA has been handed a 90-day ban following the release of the investigative piece.

Source: YEN
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