Anlo fishermen abandon fishing over fear of drowning

No Fishing Ban Some fishermen at work

Sun, 30 Sep 2018 Source: mynewsgh.com

For the past two weeks, the sea has been unstable forcing fishermen along the coast in Volta Region to abandon their routine fishing expedition.

In an interview, some fishermen told MyNewsGh.com’s Fred Duhoe they cannot go fishing for fear they may get drowned with their canoes.

“This is our holiday, we go borrowing to survive until the sea resides or returns to the normal level”.

The sea has eroded the defence rocks and overflowed it’s shores checks by MyNewsGh.com revealed.

In what looks like a danger in waiting, Fisher folks whose trust is in superstition are blaming the rise of the sea on what they say is the non-adherence to tradition by residents.

“We don’t go to fishing here on Tuesdays and is an abomination for any dead body to be thrown into the sea, this makes the sea unsafe for fishing activities”., the chief fisherman in the community told our reporter.

When the sea gets warm, it expands and rises above causing it to overflow it’s shores. Climate change due to human activities gives rise to the ozone layer depletion hence the expansion according to experts.

Climate change has been the focus of the United Nations in recent times. The Secretary General of UN Antonio Guterres says “Climate change poses an existential threat” and has since launched #ClimateAction to create awareness and to limit the greenhouse effects.

Source: mynewsgh.com