Bribery and corruption everywhere in Ghana - Attoh Quarshie

Joseph Attoh Quarshie Veteran politician, Joshua Attoh Quarshie

Sat, 30 Nov 2019 Source: theheraldghana.com

A veteran politician, Joshua Attoh Quarshie, has said the current generation has destroyed the reputation Ghana had from the Gold Coast.

Mr Quarshie said “this is a beautiful country our fore fathers built for us, but today, this generation is destroying the respect old Gold Coast people left for us”.

“They are destroying it with lies, bribery and corruption, the current generations have thrown all these beautiful things into dust bins”, the veteran told this newspaper in an interview.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Quarshie, revealed that sources from institutions that were supposed to uphold truth, God fearing and render their services in truth, are now following material things”.

“Bribery and corruption is now paramount everywhere and I am calling upon you, Ghanaians, to stick to the truth for truth is God. Love is God. Patient is God”, he posited.

Mr Quarshie argued that “the present generation don’t like history and let me tell you, history will make the country prosper because history teaches you where you come from and where you have reached and where you are going”.

“History is the best teacher, guardian which can lead you to the country’s paradise; I call upon the reverend fathers, imams, Christian and Muslim communities, native rulers and the workers, market men and women, to know that there would be an accountability before God one day so I am calling on them to stick to the truth”, he urged.

Quoting from the Bible to buttress his appeal, Mr Quarshie said “Proverb 23:23…buy the truth and sell it not. Galatians 6:7 also advices that, what you plant is what you reap”.

He said “this nation must rely on the truth because if the police do not do their work well, they mislead the judges and if the journalists do not publish the correct things to educate the public, they also mislead the nation”.

“….if the executives become power drunk and they believe in sycophants, it put the country into hardship and disaster” he explained. “I repeat, Ghana must be saved by sticking to the truth, and nothing but the truth”, he charged.

Mr Quarshie warned that “I am coming out with a fight against corruption for you Ghanaians to judge”.

Source: theheraldghana.com
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