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Call Bagbin to order – NDC group urges party elders

Some supporters of the National Democratic Congress have petitioned the council of elders of the party to call Mr Bagbin to order citing that his utterances are “weakening our base as a party and causing dissension and discontent, which can lead to major cracks in our front.”

This petition follows the 2nd deputy speakers attack on former president John Mahama .

Hon Bagbin who has also declared his intention to contest the flagbearer race accused former president Mahama of causing NDC defeat in the 2016 election.

Mr Bagbin said Mr Mahama “came out as a good leader to admit that it was his fault because, throughout his governance, he kept on reminding us that he was the captain and that the buck stops with him.

“It’s the same thing – the good things that we did are credited to him, and, so, you don’t just take the assets, you also take the liabilities, so, he is mainly responsible for our loss.

“You lead, we follow, and, so, at the end of the day, when you mislead us, you cannot go and say that it’s somebody who has rather misinformed you to mislead us, no, because you take the decision; that is what leadership is about.”

He challenged that former president Mahama will lose the primaries if he contested.

These statements according to petitioners Andrew Amadi Krow and Dzifa Gunu, “will not contribute in any way to the process of healing and reconciliation that our party, the NDC, is seeking.”

The petitioners added that Mr Bagbin’s attacks on the former president, is a clear violation of the Council of Elders’ advice and caution to members “to respect the party structures and procedures in resolving internal grievances and conflicts”, and to stop the practice of “ventilating their grievances in public through the electronic, print and social media.”

Source: ghanacrusader.com
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