Commonwealth Hall authorities warned against attempts to ‘kill vandalism’

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 Source: My News GH

Newly elected Brong Ahafo Regional President of the Old Vandals Association (OVA) Vandal Gabriel Apae-Nyelom has ‘warned’ hall authorities of the Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana to desist from attempts to ‘kill vandalism’.

Vandal Apae-Nyelom said: “The Vandals outfit on whose shoulders the values of vandalism is bequeathed must be re-oriented by former chiefs. They must hold firm our values and traditions, even if in the face of adversity… The JCR must be made to rethink itself, and find its true identity.” He said.

Touching on hall authorities manoeuvring against ‘Vandalism’, the newly elected President said:

“The hall’s authorities must not serve as conduit through which vandalism will be killed. They must up their game to protect what we hold dear.

“We as vandal know what has been killing us.. Let’s not wait for it to kill us completely.” He said.

The occasion was the inauguration of the Brong Ahafo Region Chapter of the Old Vandals Association.

The National President of the Old Vandals Association, Isaac Nketsiah Sarpong who chaired the event also called on Vandals to remain resolute and demonstrate true brotherliness to the unbroken spirit of unity that binds them as a family. According to him, “vandals are the voice of the voiceless, stand for the oppressed and fight against injustice in the country.”

VANDAL is an acronym that describes the attributes of past, present and future students and residents of Commonwealth Hall, University of Ghana.

The term VANDAL, as used by present and past students of Commonwealth Hall and associates to describe themselves, is an acronym. The acronym VANDAL is a combined summation of the attributes of Vandals and stands for the following: Vivacious, Affable, Neighbourly, Devoted/Dedicated, Altruistic and Loyal.

Source: My News GH