Do not allow NDC to impose Mahama on you - Lord Hammah

LORD HAMAH2 Lord Hammah

Thu, 18 May 2017 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

An activist of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lord Hammah says he does not support those calling for the return of former president John Dramani Mahama as presidential candidate in 2020.

In his view, those rooting for the return of the former president are individuals who benefited from appointments under the Mahama led administration.

According to him, their position does not represent the grass root people.

Mr. Mahama he suggested will get less than what he garnered in the 2016 presidential polls hence the NDC should elect a new candidate, with a new vision which will win the trust of the people.

‘’Former president Mahama will be a bad choice for the NDC in 2020. Those calling for his return are being delusional. They do not have the facts on the ground. I am an organizer and a cadre and I can confidently state that former president Mahama will be a bad choice for the party.’’

Lord Hammah said if the NDC will move forward, then members must resist the attempt by some members to impose Mr. Mahama on them.

Some senior members of the NDC including former Ambassador to the UK, Victor Smith said the former president will be the best choice for the NDC if they want to win 2020.

“If NDC wants to win 2020, there is no better candidate than John Mahama. If we want to just try 2020, then we can afford to put forth a new candidate so if he doesn’t win, he can be advertised for the future. But if we want 2020 , what we need to do is to present him [John Mahama].”

“Mahama did so well in delivering the deliverables in terms of development of our country. However in terms of our own party, there was the bickering, there was the anger in our party which cost us. If we want to win elections we should put John, but correct the mistakes. If we [the NDC] want to be the ones in the driving seat in 2020, our best bet is the one we put out there already. He [Mahama] did so well but there were some hiccups and that probably led to us losing the elections.”

But Lord Hammah rubbished the call stressing that, Mahama will be a bad choice for NDC in 2020.

''It will not be a mistake if NDC chose Mahama for 2020, it will be a suicide,'' he concluded.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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