Dr. Omane Boamah accused of contributing to the defeat of NDC in 2016

Omane Boamah Newsfile Dr. Omane Boamah is former Communications Minister

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 Source: yen.com.gh

Former Communications minister in the erstwhile John Mahama-led administration has come out to debunk claims that he did not do his work well while in office.

His response comes after allegations levelled against him by Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu, a member of the Kwesi Botchwey Committee that he kept vital information to himself which invariably contributed to the defeat of the NDC in the 2016 General elections.

According to reports by 3news.com, Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu said that at a point, Dr. Omane Boamah who shared vital information with Accra-based FM station, Radio Gold and did not make anyone privy to that information.

In a quick rebuttal, the former Communications minister said the allegations were untrue.

He said in his capacity as minister, he made sure that all information that was deemed public-worthy and for public view was sent out for all to be privy to.

Dr. Omane Boamah was confident that he did not err in anyway when it came to carrying out his duties. Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu also implicated Seth Terkper as one who also refused to give out vital information to NDC communicators to counter claims made by the NPP.

Dr. Omane Boamah called the claims made against him to be untrue.

He added that he was doing his best to contribute to the restructuring of the NDC for the General elections slated for 2020.

He recounted the efforts he put in when as a government they launched the "Accounting to the people” book which was popularly called the Green book.

The book highlighted all of the NDC government’s projects.

He maintained that he was committed in his duties as government’s main communicator.

He added that the agenda that was set before the John Mahama-led administration to be a government for the people was his topmost priority.

The former government official said he was concentrating on winning back power for the NDC come three years and six months’ time.

Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu was a member of the Kwesi Botchwey committee that was set up to look into the defeat of the NDC in the 2016 election.

Source: yen.com.gh
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