Flashback: Ghanaian youth no longer willing to die for their country - Rawlings

Rawlings?fit=1080%2C720&ssl=1 Late former President Jerry John Rawlngs

Sat, 2 Jan 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

In 2018, late former President of the Republic of Ghana, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings observed that the current crop of youth in the country have shed off their spirit of patriotism in favour of joining the bandwagon of amassing wealth through politics.

The former president made this observation during the 37th commemoration of the December 31 revolution of 1981.

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The spirit of volunteerism and patriotism has fled the current crop of Ghanaian youth who have now joined the bandwagon of enriching themselves through politics.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings who made this observation at the 31st December Revolution anniversary celebration, indicated that this was not in the case in the 1980s where they were prepared to work to see the country develop.

According to him, the young and able-bodied ones were drawn from the universities in the 1980s to the hinterlands to help cart cocoa onto trucks and transported to the ports for export did so for national development voluntarily.

“The desire to die for mother Ghana was the driving force. ..It was a re-birth of the spirit of patriotism – the love of one’s country”, former President, Jerry John Rawlings revealed.

The ex-military ruler, said the economic situation in the country at the time was tough that certain bold decisions has to be taken to bring the country back on track

“The prices of goods and services were escalating in an unprecedented manner by 1981. ….The economic indicators were all negative at the time”, former President Rawlings pointed out.

Speaking at the 36th anniversary of 31st December revolution in Ho on Sunday, the former President said “Ghanaians had to queue for essential commodities such as bread and maize in order to make ends meet”.

“For those who have forgotten and have a veneer obscuring their view, corruption had its own local terminology, Kalabule. …This did not break down the resolve of the people”, former President Jerry John Rawlings stated.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com