Ga people carried the ark of covenant from Israel to Ethiopia - Osu Wor-Lumor

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Sat, 16 May 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

There have been varying stories told about the exact origin of the Ga ethnic group since various scholars have given different versions of their migration stories.

Given that Africans have roamed the continent for thousands of years and that such migrations might have been northward, southward, eastward or westward, the origin of any group of people in Africa may be very uncertain. Any African might have relatively originated from anywhere in Africa.

While remembered history cannot be full proof, written history cannot be also full proof. Elements of truth can be garnered from each of them through critical and comparative analysis of facts collected from various sources.

It is against this backdrop that the GhanaWeb People and Place's team visited the Chief Priest of the Osu Nadu/Klottey Clan to give us vivid details about the origin and its history.

Speaking to the host Naa Oyoe Quartey in the interview, the Chief Priest, Wor-Lumor Nuumo Noi Sekanku Kpenuku II revealed that Gas originated from Israel and were part of the family of DAN.

Interestingly, he revealed to GhanaWeb that the Gas played a major role in the transportation of the ark of covenant to Ethiopia when the Persians invaded Israel.

"In 72 AD, when the Persians invaded Israel, Jerusalem and they had wanted to take the ark of covenant, so we were the people who carried the ark of covenant to Ethiopia. We left from Ethiopia because the Somalians were disturbing us...We left Ethiopia to Sudan to settle near the Coa Valley...," he said.

For more, watch the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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