Ghana’s cosmetic industry thriving

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Mon, 6 Jul 2020 Source: thefinderonline.com

The cosmetic industry in Ghana has seen a substantial increase in recent times.

More manufacturers with their products have invaded the already competitive personal care market with a clear concentration on acceptance of their brands and offerings.

The economic impact of the makeup and beauty industry in Ghana is huge. Jobs have been created for many unemployed youths whereas several others are being developed into becoming young entrepreneurs through trainings and workshops.

Predominantly associated with women, the make-up arena has evolved, encompassing the one-sided gender dominance. These days one cannot ignore the blushing look of kith and kin or even a colleague wearing a blushing look on their face.

The emergence of social media has further enhanced the interest of cosmetic products and artistry. Today, most folks are bent on going the extra length in expressing themselves on various social media platforms.

"Looking and feeling good is a basic need in our lives and a huge deal in modern society" an ardent consumer gladly said.

Wholesalers, retailers, consumers, industry advocates and public sector partners all of whom are key players of the makeup and beauty industry in Ghana have made great impact in the country's economic growth.

Institutions such as first choice, cutie bridal, allure spa, wellness institute and forever clear are established institutions set up primarily to train persons who have an interest in the fast-growing field.

On the average, to enroll fully in some of these institutions, one must simply possess a liking for the craft and no required high educational qualification for enrollment. This largely allows more room for interested persons to be trained for a period of at least a month depending on the particular institute.

Meanwhile producers of skin care products are turning to Ghana for raw materials in products. An example is the skin lotion "SHE-Y by Menaye" a top skin care brand from Italian who uses shear butter from Ghana as its main supplies in its production. Ghana has extensively been viewed as a resource hub for the skin care industry by providing raw constituents and other necessary ingredients to manufacturers.

In an interview with Sandra Esi Odonkor an entrepreneur and CEO of EverythingbeautyGH, she disclosed that “make- up brands are targeting Ghana ahead of other African countries because of the boom in the country’s beauty industry”.

CEO of Makeup Ghana, Rebecca Donkor, said the awards event was instituted to celebrate excellence in the makeup and beauty industry. She said that the awards seek to promote makeup artists and their works in order to win public recognition for them and other business opportunities.

With competitive initiatives such as beauty trainings and awards as well as other contributing factors, the growth of the beauty industry sets the nation up as a force to reckon with.

Source: thefinderonline.com