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Ghanaian police officers smile at corruption – Prof Martey

The immediate past moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey has mentioned that the Ghanaian police officers smile at corruption.

Contributing to a an Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) roundtable discussion on how Ghana can win the fight against corruption, the clergyman said “In America if a policeman stops a driver and the driver puts his hands in the pocket, he will be shot but in Ghana when a policeman stops you and you put your hand….then he will smile.”

He indicated that the Ghanaian culture is one of the promoters of corruption apart from the constitution and the church.

He noted Ghana has a gift receiving and giving culture. “Gifts are appreciated when given, so even if a politician in an election year goes round a takes gifts with him and gives to traditional leaders, it is appreciated…. This is killing our nation!”

According to Prof Martey, Ghana has not really touched on the root cause of corruption because the activities of the religious bodies have contributed immensely to the budding corruption menace in the country.

He lauded the IEA for pointing to the whole nation the evils and negatives of winner take all is another factor of corruption.

He said looking at the powers that the constitution has given to the President, he has realised that he is not a ‘Superman’ that's why he has hundreds of minister to help his discharge the duties the constitution has given him.

Even though the president is not ubiquitous, Prof Martey says his hundreds of ministers will not augur well for the nation.

Prof Martey further stressed that unless Ghana as a country starts fighting corruption form the church, constitution and culture, “we will be scratching where it is not itching.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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