Gloria Akuffo can do no wrong, she knows her job, be patient – Anas told

Sun, 31 Mar 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Attorney General Gloria Akuffo has proven beyond doubt through her expertise and diligence that she is morally upright and upholds the law in the highest form for which reason all, including the Tiger Eye Team ought to give her some credence and be patient, trusting that she is in to prosecute criminals and maintain justice, Vice President of IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil has said.

Kofi Bentil said this while addressing the subject of ‘delayed prosecution’ of Ghana Football Association (GFA) Boss, Kwesi Nyantakyi as suggested by Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas expressed concern about the seeming delay in the prosecution of the case but the A-G and Minister of Justice, Ms Gloria Afua Akuffo. In response however, Ms. Akuffo rather accused Anas of delaying in furnishing her office with the documents needed for effective prosecution of the case, allegations he (Anas) subsequently denied.

Speaking on Newsfile Saturday, Mr. Bentil described the forth and back as unfortunate. He was of the conviction that the Attorney General’s office is doing its utmost to ensure the law is effected and that the due process is followed.

In fact he believes, she has given evidence beyond doubt that she is interested in pursuing the subject till justice is served.

“This is a sad situation. Sad because it’s a storm in the teacup and what has gone on will give the public a different opinion. The people involved, Lawyer Kissi Agyebeng, Madam Gloria Akuffo are some of the finest lawyers in this country. Kissi taught me criminal law and I’m saying this to the effect that he knows exactly what he is talking about and he understands the job of Madam Gloria Akuffo”.

“Madam Gloria Akuffo is one of my heroes in law. She can do no wrong in my eyes, she’s a very diligent person and I think that we’ll all agree that the process is ongoing. There is clear evidence of eagerness to prosecute and sometimes I think it’s even beyond what it should be because for instance, madam Gloria Akuffo says the decision to prosecute has been made, there will be prosecution meanwhile she is processing evidence. Sometimes you’ll think that maybe she should have processed the evidence first before making the decision but it shows you that there is a certain eagerness to go onto this issue, she has a whole team working on this”, he added.

According to Mr. Bentil, Anas and his team must understand the extreme relevance of following the appropriate processes before prosecution considering it involves taking the personal liberty of an individual.

“It looks one way but let me simply say this, if you put someone in front of a judge and you want to take the person’s God given liberty from them under the rule of law, that bar is extremely high and I think the parties involved all understand so we should all be patient”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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