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Group kicks against NSS insurance policy

Scores of National Service Personnel (NSP) have expressed displeasure in the leadership of the National Service Persons Association (NASPA) for launching an insurance scheme without involving them in the process.

The insurance scheme will see a monthly deduction of GHC 15.00 from the monthly allowance of the service personnel until their service is over.

But speaking to Today some of the service personnel were unhappy with the compulsory deductions.

According to one Wilfred Kodjo Kedapey, “our leaders should have engaged us to know our position on the policy before forcing it on our throats”.

He claimed that, fundamentally, the policy is fraught with irregularities, making it doubtful.

“The compulsory aspect of the policy infringes on our fundamental human rights. The benefits are insignificant and that is why some of us are against it”, he said.

He was not happy with the policy for the fact that, one can only benefit from it when he or she has subscribed to MTN.

I’m appalled by this attempt by our leaders to extort money from us”, he complained.

Another service person who also gave his name as Jonathan Mensah said that, the decision was against their fundamental human rights and freedom.

“You cannot force us to sign onto a policy we don’t know anything about it. The executives of NASPA cannot take such a decision without our consent; it is purely a daylight robbery”, he pointed out.

For Emmanuel Agorsor although the policy is good, he was against its implementation.

“We got to know about it when it was about to be launched. Our monies are being deducted and we are not aware of it. We don’t know what informed our leaders to take such unilateral decision without involving us”, he said.

For those who spoke on condition of anonymity argued that: “Inasmuch as we appreciate the efforts of NSS trying to seek our welfares, this is unfair and it is an insult to our intelligence”.

“In principle, one has to understand how an insurance package works before subscribing to it. Two of the most important components of all the insurance policies are the premium and deductible. A clear understanding would have gone a long way to help us make a good decision”, they said.

They, therefore, appealed to the authorities of NSS, NASPA and the government to make the insurance package optional.

Source: todaygh.com
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