How to kill boredom during lockdown

Bored Locked S09iff There's a list of activities you can adopt to make your time at home worthwhile and fun

Fri, 3 Apr 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Two weeks in ‘self-quarantine/isolation/lockdown’, now that’s a lot of time! At this point, boredom is an easy choice or not! You could choose from other options when you have a range to pick from.

You could have the fun of your life, learn a lot of new things you didn’t know and well, have some quality family bonding time during this period.

Many have had to resort to working from home, well for those whose jobs can just be fixed with a technological device; phone, tablet, laptop etc. and the internet.

If yours is a hand-craft, you just may also be able to work from home. Even then, you still may have some time on you considering the hours you may have had to sit in traffic in and out of work will be at your disposal. And then there’s the category which just cannot work from home, they virtually would have to resume before working from their offices.

Whichever ways, there’s more time on your hands than you usually would have. Making it count would be the best choice. Now here’s how! www.ghanaweb.com compiles a list of possible, viable options of good stuff to occupy your time with during this lockdown period.

Learn a new skill, language, instrument, online course:

Learning something new every day! That’s a golden opportunity you won’t get the chance to do every day.

There’s a lot of time on your hands now, try something new, an online course! What’s better than getting new knowledge and maybe a certificate on the side. Learn Spanish or French! Ladies! how about how to make your own weave?, or learn to play the piano, guitar, or just maybe, polish up your rusty skills.

You will feel fulfilled, having added something new to your skill, knowledge etc. when the dust finally settles.


A good book, news updates, the Bible, new words, history…. it's a long list of unlimited possibilities. Grab something to read and while you are at it, just to avoid getting fat while at home, get a good sip at your favourite smoothie.

Following the news updates online also could help you know what’s new and happening around you, whilst you wait for your routine bulletin.

Video games:

All work and no play right? Take short breaks in between time to play your favourite video game.

It could be soccer, ….. any of the many options. Well, a few adjustments this time because of social distancing, you may have to make do with your computer player or your sibling, partner, or even your kids.

Board games:

There’s always the ‘old school’ way also. Get the ludo, oware, chess and other board games, get anyone else in the house and spend some time enjoying yourself.

These games though are fun, also improve your thinking because you have to apply strategy and think through your moves if you have any chance at winning.

Learn a new hobby!:

Use this time to discover a new hobby. For all you know, cooking may become your niche. Learn how to cook, swim if you have a pool at home etc. Writing is not a bad idea also. It’s probably the only time you may discover your poetic talents! Maybe start a backyard garden at home.

You don’t need much, just decide which plants you want, get a seed or two from your stocked-up foodstuff and dedicate some minutes each day to watering it. Flowers could work too!

Bond with the family:

How many times, in this busy world, do you get time to spend with your kids if you have any, your partner, wife or husband? This is the time to spend more time.

If you are a parent, with your little ones at home, spend time together learning, playing household games, video games, karaoke, etc. Have long conversations about any and everything. Ladies, try playing soccer with your husband.

Hubbys, try being the chef of the house, show your cooking skills, etc. Make it an exciting time, with unforgettable memories.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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