I am not a fan of VAR - Jeremie Frimpong

Jeremie Frimpong 1 Jeremie Frimpong

Tue, 18 Feb 2020 Source: footballghana.com

Celtic defender has admitted that he is not a fan of the VAR technology that has been implemented in major football competitions.

The 19 year old could have a first taste of the system when Celtic take on Copenhagen in the last 32 of the Europa League on Thursday. Celtic will play with VAR for the first time in the Europa League after UEFA chose to implement it in the knock out stages.

The Ghanaian defender believes that the VAR ruins the game and takes away the spontaneous nature of the sport.

"I'm not really a big fan of VAR. It's not going to bother me but I'm not a fan of it. A part of your body can be offside. I don't know. It just ruins the game".

Frimpong believes its use will not change how he plays his game but he fears that it may have an effect on the way players score and celebrate goals.

"Obviously if it does come in here then we'll have to deal with it. It takes too long," He said.

He added: "You're celebrating and then you've got to wait for the video and you're just waiting and waiting. If it says it's a goal then you're going to be happy but it's just dead."

Frimpong was asked if it took out the entertainment bit of the sport and he answered in the affirmative.

"I think so because if you score a goal then that should be it. You shouldn't celebrate a goal and then wait for it to see if it went in".

Source: footballghana.com
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