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I don’t like my first name - KP Boateng

Ghanaian international Kevin-Prince Boateng has revealed how he has no love for his first name ‘Kevin’.

According to the former Las Palmas forward, the name Kevin was a mistake on his birth certificate.

He says ”I should actually be Kelvin” and not Kevin as widely known in the world of football.

At Eintracht Frankfurt, Kevin-Prince Boateng runs on the jersey only with the name “Prince” – for the native Berliner that has a good reason.

“I do not like my first name. That was a mistake in the birth certificate, nobody knows that yet. I should actually be Kelvin. That would, of course, have been a top name: Kelvin-Prince, “Boateng revealed speaking to German radio station HIT RADIO FFH on Thursday.

“I would not have had to play football at all, because the name alone is already stellar. And then they wrote that wrong in the hospital, “said the half-brother of World Champion Jerome Boateng further:” So my name was Kevin and then it stayed like that”.

”My mom was operated immediately after birth and could not intervene. I broke her pelvis when I came out. I really wanted to get out.”

Source: sportsworldghana.com
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