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Thu, 28 Jun 2018 Source: starrfmonline.com

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has challenged those with credible corruption evidence against him to prove it.

The award-winning undercover journalist said he has never taken bribe in his journalism career to drop a story.

“I’ve never in my life taken a bribe before,” Anas swore to host of Morning Starr Francis Abban on Thursday.

“Nowhere!” the hooded man stressed.

He emphasised: “Whoever has a proof should bring it. It will crash.”

“I know myself and I believe in myself. I know I’ve never taken bribe from anywhere. You can premiere 30 times nothing will come out of it,” Anas stated in an apparent response to Ken Agyapong’s “Who Watches the Watchman” documentary.

Anas remarked he remains undaunted by efforts of his detractors to “frustrate and derail” him.

“These are tactics to shift focus,” the former GJA Journalist of the Year pointed out. “People are just blowing hot air.”

Anas has challenged those with incriminating evidence against him to face him in court.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) lawmaker Mr. Agyapong has also accused Anas of paying lawyer Egbert Faibille to drop a criminal case.

Lawyer Faibille Jnr has clarified he did not receive cash in 2009 on behalf of the undercover journalist to kill a case.

In a Facebook post he said those allegations are without merit.

“A few weeks ago, Hon. Ken Agyapong gave an audio recording of Anas interviewing an arrested fraudster sometime in 2009 to one of the radio stations in the Multimedia stable; in respect of a multi-million gold scam during which interrogation, Anas was heard mentioning my name in words to the effect that as he was speaking, the scammed company had engaged me as a lawyer and that I was at the bank tracking the 419 money that they obtained as 419ers.

“I took the pain to issue a statement here on Facebook on the issue. Last Friday, Hon Ken Agyapong called me on phone and asked that I meet him to watch the video he was going to show today. I declined on the basis that the video he was going to show is only a pictorial rendition of the part of the video where Anas mentioned my name to show to the scammers that the duped company was tracking who received the money.

“Indeed, my work as a lawyer led to the prosecution of Hafiz, the lead scammer and his accomplices at an Accra High Court. I did not receive any payment from the scammers for and on behalf of Anas to kill the case as Hon. Agyapong is dubiously trying to portray and I challenge him and the scammers to provide any proof of any lodgment into my account from them for Anas,” the National Petroleum Commission boss posited.

Source: starrfmonline.com
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