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Kofi Adams should rather be chased away - NDC activist fires back

An activist of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Rebel Amenga-Etego SaCut Deniz believes the National Organiser of the party, Kofi Adams has no power to incite members against flagbearer aspirants.

He believes if anyone must be chased away from the constituencies, Mr Kofi Adams should be the one because he has succeeded in disorganizing the party prior and after the 2016 elections and has no moral justification to go ahead to make such calls.

“Does Kofi Adams think that anyone listens to him? He should think again! He listens to himself! And he is about to be chased away by the very people he is disorganising day and night”, he stated in a write up calling on him to rethink some of his decisions and actions

Read full details to his response to Kofi Adam’s directive

Kofi Adams Must Think Again

When I listen to Kofi Adams, I feel like puking! He speaks as though he has moral authority. If he believes he is standing on a moral high ground, then he is delusional.

First of all, he claims that there are no Presidential aspirants or hopefuls in the NDC, meanwhile, he was the first to openly and sycophantically endorse the former President as unchallengeable next flag bearer of the NDC, thus fueling a spiraling of declarations by other senior party members.

Then, It is Kofi Adams goes on to claim that as the national organizer, he has appealed for financial support from party members for party reorganization, including from the so-called hopefuls or aspirants and only President Mahama responded ”generously” (whatever that means).

We know that these same so-called Presidential hopefuls were recently invited by the council of elders for a meeting, and these hopefuls were requested to pay GHC1m each, for so-called party reorganization, which they apparently refused to pay, as there is no basis for such a bogus request.

Then it is that we all saw on December 31 2017 at Ho during the June 4 rally, President Rawlings called out each one of the so-called hopefuls and asked them to address the crowd in what he thought was a fair thing to do. Kofi Adams was there on that stage, smiling. He didn’t dare say the gibberish he is spewing now.

Today Kofi Adams says that anyone who comes around claiming to be a Presidential hopeful should be chased away by the NDC people. Does Kofi Adams think that anyone listens to him? He should think again! He listens to himself! And he is about to be chased away by the very people he is disorganizing day and night.

Is Kofi Adams suddenly refusing to recognise the existence of Presidential hopefuls or aspirants simply because they refused to give him the money he wanted under the guise of reorganisation? Does he think he has the credibility to source funds for party reorganization? And does he really think he can reorganize the NDC when everything he does is disorganisation? I repeat: Kofi Adams must think again!!!

Source: mynewsgh.com
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