Business News Wed, 22 Nov 2017

Magazine on African entrepreneurs set to be launched on November 30

A Magazine which seeks to share innovative and disruptive ideas that will transform Africa is set to be launched on November 30, 2017.

The Magazine titled “my story” is a platform that will aid in “revolutionizing” the concept of leadership and entrepreneurship in the country.

My Story Magazine is also a platform that would not only put a spotlight on the continent’s hidden yet amazing successes but to be a vehicle that will drive and inspire a new generation of "African" to build the ideal Africa we hope for and to share amazing talents and skills of both up comers and seasoned personalities in leadership and business.

It’s a platform that shares granular data and trends on investment opportunities, African markets and regional economic outlooks and forecasts. A platform where you get to see the continent for what it is - beauty and growth. Inspired by our father and mentor Prophet Bernard ElBernard, we have made progress.

"My Story" is a platform for African Entrepreneurs.

Magazines themselves have constraints but one of our goals is to create opportunities for readers to go beyond the confines of the page and engage with their ideas through the inspiration and motivation that will inextricably be embedded in our content.

We will provide both online and social media platforms to enable individuals connect directly with writers and subject experts.

"My Story" will share web links to videos, stories and interviews on our online platforms for our audience who prefer a more interactive approach.

The "My Story" magazine has people at the core of its values along with professionalism and excellence.

The team is comprised of a beautifully diverse mix of very seasoned, experienced, passionate and highly motivated people right from the editorial board, the content management group, the graphics department to the production and marketing groups.