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‘Mahama behaved like a serial caller in 2016 elections’ - MP

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Former President John Mahama acted like a serial caller responding to every tiny issue like a serial caller would do on radio during the 2016 electioneering campaign, the Chief Whip of Parliament has said.

According to Matthew Nyindam, the former President was too quick to respond to issues during the campaign but never offered the right response to the issues he sought to tackle.

“It got to a time during the campaign season that President Mahama was speaking like a serial caller, every issue, he would want to comment and that was very bad; as a President, there is no need to attack anyone who criticizes you because when you do that, it makes one thinks of you as a serial caller…,” he said.

The NDC suffered a humiliating defeat in the 2016 elections polling only 44.4% of valid votes cast as against the NPP’s 53.8% in the presidential elections.

Former President John Mahama who was the party’s candidate for the polls was seeking his second term in office but was denied through the painful defeat.

The party subsequently set up a 13-member committee to probe its defeat in the 2016 election. The committee presented its findings to the National Executive Council (NEC) yesterday at the party’s headquarters.

As part of its recommendations, the committee has asked the party to take a holistic look at the party’s biometric electoral register.

The Report, titled, ‘listening to the grassroots’, said the NDC must take urgent steps to restore the integrity of the register.

The failure of the report to name and shame persons whose action and inactions contributed significantly to the defeat of the party, Yamoah Ponkoh said was not the best.

“People were given a whole lot of responsibilities so they had to have been told to account for the specific assignments of helping Mahama…the fact is that the people given specific assignments failed to perform and the report should have indicted those who were given specific assignments but failed to perform…,” he said further.

But the Kpandai MP speaking on Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ Tuesday said the NDC should absorb former President Mahama from blame because he was ‘more of a serial caller than a Presidential candidate during the elections’.

He further claimed that the former President and his appointees demonstrated greater levels of ‘arrogance and pomposity.’

Source: adomonline.com
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