Mahama is too corrupt; he didn't bat an eyelid diverting $175m - Wontumi

Wontumi Bernard Antwi Boasiako.png Bernard Anwti-Boasiako is Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party

Tue, 16 Oct 2018 Source: peacefmonline.com

There have been revealations that the Ministry of Health under former President Mahama’s administration, diverted part of a government loan facility for the construction of hospitals to fund the 2016 electioneering campaign of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

And least to be surprised by the act is the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Bernard Anwti-Boasiako.

The NPP stalwart popularly known as Chairman Wontumi asserted that under the tenure of former President Mahama, he gained notoriety and held a bad record of diverting loans meant for the development of Ghana into his personal account.

According to him though $175 million is huge money to transform some part of Ghana’s health sector, "former President Mahama saw the money as chicken change to divert part of it for his personal use."

“Former President Mahama is corrupt. He didn’t come to enhance the fortunes of Ghana, he became President to deprieve Ghanaians of the best in life. His routine was clear and manifested in his mantra of to create, loot and share”, Mr. Antwi-Boasiako told Peacefmonline.com in an interview.

He continued that “if a president named Mahama can take a car (Ford Explorer) as bribe and award a massive contract, it should tell you that he was licking his lips when the $175 million loan came through. He diverted more than half into his personal account," Chairman Wontumi alleged.

Joy News’ investigations have revealed that the Ministry of Health under the Mahama administration diverted part of a government loan facility on research into the chances of the then governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The research was a sub-contract under a 175 million dollar project awarded to British infrastructure company NMS for the construction of seven district hospitals and an integrated IT system.

The research details a discreet work on political and health survey conducted by UK-based SCL Social, the mother company of Cambridge Analytica (CA).

CA, a data analytics firm used personal information harvested from more than 50 million Facebook profiles without permission to build a system that could target US voters with personalised political advertisements based on their psychological profile.

But in Ghana, its other company SCL Social was contracted by the Health Ministry under the Mahama administration to ‘test the attitudes and perceptions of the population towards contemporary issues faced in Ghana…’

SCL Social was paid six million dollars for the sub-contracted work under the 175 million dollar project awarded to NMS.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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