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My kind of journalism is tried and tested; stands judicial scrutiny - Anas

Africa’s most revered investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas insists that his methodology in unraveling the bad guys he names, shames and jails in society is tried and tested and those criticizing it are only entitled to their opinion.

He reveals that he is the only journalist who publishes his work and is ready to be cross-examined by a team of lawyers adding that his work over the years stands judicial scrutiny on the facts challenging those with contrary evidence to make that available.

“It is fair to criticize. The kind of journalism I have practiced is tried and tested it and it works. I am not going to sit down for anybody in an Ivy League school to predict or tell me how to do my journalism. I am a product of my society and I do what suits my society. I have chosen to name shame and jail, I know it does not work the same way maybe in the UK”, he disclosed on Aljazeera last week monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

According to him, he knows his environment far better and can determine the better approach to unraveling corrupt persons and their deals compared to how an American and British will go about such an issue.

“My work has been challenged on many grounds, it stood judicial scrutiny. I am a lawyer myself, I look at the laws very well before I make a move on any person. The Chinese sex mafia, they are in jail for 16 years all put together, the story I did about Nana Kwesi Agyemang, he is in jail for 15 years. I did that one about customs people they are in jail for 16-years…so I have tried and tested my methods”, he said in response to a question his method of undercover investigations may not right.

The ace investigative journalist said the method of conducting undercover investigations in the developed world is not different from what he does in Africa because they use the same undercover hidden cameras.

“How come doing undercover on Aljazeera or doing undercover on CNN or the BBC is ok but doing an undercover in Africa is not? Is the same undercover, same cameras we use”, he stressed.
Source: mynewsgh.com
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