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NABCo beneficiaries picket at head office over delayed allowances

Some unpaid Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) trainees on Monday picketed at the NABCO head office over their delayed allowances.

The trainees earlier petitioned their employer to release the allowances which had not been paid since November 2018.

Efforts by the beneficiaries over the period to retrieve their locked up stipends since May 2019 have proved futile.

Some of the beneficiaries told Citi News, they will adopt all possible means to press home their demands.

“For all these six months the list that has been submitted to GhIPSS for payment to be made did not include our names and the CEO has admitted that the monies are there so I do not see why it is delaying.”

“NABCo beneficiaries in all the ten regions do not have money to come here. If not they would have come. If by close of today, we do not see any action we will advise ourselves”, another beneficiary said.

The non-payment of allowances continues to be one of the major challenges that beneficiaries of the program are saddled with.

Left with frustration, these trainees have usually used demonstrations to impress on the government to address their concerns.

Delay in payment of allowances due to ‘natural challenges’ – NABCO Boss The issues of non-payment of allowances that have plagued the implementation of the Nations Builders Corps (NABCO) are just natural, management of the initiative has said.

According to the program’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Ibrahim Anyass, circumstances such as incomplete records on the part of some recruits genuinely hindered the payment process.

Speaking on Eyewitness News last week, Dr. Anyass said complaints about the non-payment of allowances emanate from the usual mechanical hitches associated with the initial implementation of any particular support system.

“One will be naïve to think that, you can have a new creation such as the Nation Builders Corps on such scale and extension and not have issues or challenges. For us, we just see this as natural to the implementation of the program. Some circumstances present themselves for people to relocate. These issues are natural because this is a human institution and so people had to move and they find that they were stuck with the data. Those were just mere implementation stage issues but as we speak most of those issues have been resolved,” he said.

Dr. Anyass also noted that despite these setbacks, all allowances due trainees are being paid.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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