NAM1's 500 plots of land offer frivolous, we won’t accept it – Aggrieved Menzgold Customers

Francis Owusu  Menzgold Francis Owusu, Spokesperson of the Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of MenzGold

Mon, 14 Sep 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The Spokesperson of the Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of MenzGold, Francis Owusu, has declined an offer of 500 residential plots by the CEO of the embattled firm, Nana Appiah Mensah.

Francis Owusu said the ‘goodwill gesture’ by NAM1 was an insult to members of the coalition adding that the land offer was not what they needed.

Speaking in an interview with GhanaWeb, he stated that “We’re not going to accept this frivolous offer from Appiah Mensah because what customers of MenzGold need is not land but our monies that have been locked up with him for almost two years now. People are dying and you want to offer them a plot of land. What for?

“Those 71 customers who are dead and gone what are they going to use that plot of land for? And even who told him if I want to build a house, I want to build at that area that he’s talking about? If you give me my money, I will decide where I want to build or where I want to live with my family,” he told GhanaWeb.

Mr. Owusu shared his sentiments with GhanaWeb in response to a post made by NAM1 on social media, announcing that 500 residential plots of land have been reserved for customers of the embattled gold dealership company.

While recounting the losses made following the shutdown of MenzGold, two years ago, NAM1 noted that “refreshingly, we celebrate many successes,” which according to him, was an “envisioned” modern smart city in the offing called Zylofon Hills.

He tweeted: “12th Sept 2018 in retrospect, we’re pained by the many losses we count. Refreshingly, we celebrate many successes. We commemorate today with over 4,000 plots ENVISIONED new smart city coming up. As a goodwill gesture, 500 residential plots are reserved for MenzGold customers.”

The Aggrieved Customers’ spokesperson, however, questioned how the plots of land will fairly be distributed to the over 60,000 customers who are seeking their funds.

To Francis Owusu, Nana Appiah should not be taken seriously because, despite the challenges and the many calls by customers to have their monies, he [NAM1] seemed to have turned a deaf ear and continuous to acquire properties for himself.

“You don’t keep my money for two years and then you come and tell me I’m offering you 500 plots. Over 60,000 MenzGold customers who are those you are going to give the 500 plots you are talking about?” He rhetorically asked.

“…We don’t have to take this guy serious. We don’t have to give him that attention at all because this thing, he just posted it on his personal Twitter handle. Meanwhile, he came out with a payment schedule. Ask we speak now; can he tell us he has paid 80% of MenzGold customers? And he had the guts to go into Real Estate, sign new artiste, and open three additional companies,” He fumed when he spoke to GhanaWeb.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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