NDC 2020 flagbearer contest: Plot to ‘kidnap’ Stan Dogbe activated

Stan Dogbe10000 Stan Dodge is aide to former President John Mahama

Tue, 18 Jul 2017 Source: alhajjnewspaper.com

Some enthusiastic supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress who believe the now biggest opposition party could return to power in 2020 are planning to forcibly chase-out some aides of former President John Mahama they claim, have created disaffection for him and the party but; are still lurking around him even after the painful defeat at the 2016 polls.

Intelligence picked by The aL-hAJJ indicate that those behind this plot believe former President Mahama could return the NDC back to power in 2020, but they say, his success at the next presidential polls will be dependent on how he wins back the support of party elders who in one way or the other were detached from him.

Insisting that former President can only regain the support of kingpins of the party when he distance himself from some of his aides, peeved NDC supporters yelled, “all those who surrounded the “oldman” (John Mahama) and caused the disaffection of the people will no longer be tolerated.”

Prominent among Mr Mahama’s close associates the NDC supporters have branded “undesirables” and underserving of being around the former President as he makes a comeback in 2020 is Stan Xoese Dogbe.

The aL-hAJJ has gathered that, some supporters of the NDC have since the defeat of the party in the 2016 election been blaming Stan Dogbe; former Communications Minister, Dr Edward Omane Boamah among other handlers of Mr Mahama for courting hatred for him with what they described as their ‘snobbish’ and ‘arrogant’ posturing.

Sources in the former President household told this paper that “John once told him (Stan) to take a back seat when pressure was intense on him (Mahama) to sack him, but he stills lurks around. When John decides to travel, he joins him even though he has been asked to stay away. John himself doesn’t want to be seen with him nowadays but he keeps coming closer”.

This is said to have irked some Mahama adherents who have vowed to forcefully detach Stan Dogbe and other “undesirables” from the former President’s team, even if that will require “abduction”.

They believe Mr Mahama is the party’s best bet for 2020, and the only way “to get all those kicking against John’s comeback because they have been pushed away by Stan and co, is to get Stan out…complains we have heard so far is about those surrounding him and we will take steps to sanitize the system”.

“What we have decided to do is that since John has decided not to sack Stan even after several appeals to him to show him the exit, we will storm his house or office one of these days and drive Stan Dogbe out ourselves…Stan is not our only target. There are quite a number of them around the president that we will personally chase out,” an anonymous but obvious NDC/Mahama supporter told this paper on phone.

“A lot of wrongs were done when John was President…most of the elders who fell out with John are ready to patch up with him on condition that he drives out some of the people surrounding him, especially Stan Dogbe. If driving away Stan is what will win us the election in 2020, steps must be taken to do that,” a noticeable Mahama fanatic yelled at a recent party gathering.

According to the Mahama enthusiast “We lost the election because of some of these guys and we are not going to allow them to surround the old man again. If you talk to any NDC member today, all that they are saying is that if John can let Stan and co take a back seat, they will support him and ensure he wins the 2020 election”.

Sacking Stan Dogbe and others, they claim “is the only way he (John) can open his doors to all and sundry and also demonstrate to the people that he has learn from his mistakes.”

Reports are that NDC supporters across the country who are championing the return of the former President have resolved not to allow the selfish interest of some individuals to deter others from supporting Mr Mahama to return the party to power.

This paper has picked up signals that these supporters intend to invade the former President’s house and forcibly chase out Stan, as he is affectionately called and others, and in the event they are unable to get to the house, they will carry out the plot at a public event.

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Source: alhajjnewspaper.com
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