NDC Elections: Yammin fights Betty Mould-Iddrisu

Betty Mould Yammin Joseph Yammin (left) and Betty Mould-Iddrisu

Thu, 15 Nov 2018 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

From all indications, Betty Mould-Iddrisu will face a daunting task in her bid to become the next National Chairperson of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) this weekend.

This is because a stalwart of the party in the Ashanti Region, Joseph Yammin, has started a massive campaign to prevent Mrs Mould-Iddrisu from realizing her ambition barely three days to the NDC polls.

Yammin, a former Ashanti Regional Secretary of the NDC, described Betty Mould-Iddrisu as a blatant lair who has strong hatred for people of northern extraction.

The ex-Ashanti Regional NDC scribe said he was a victim of Betty Mould’s anti-northern people agenda during the recently held Ashanti Regional NDC primaries which he lost.

Yammim, who was furious on radio, stated that it was his strong wish that the NDC delegates would listen to him and reject Mrs Mould-Iddrisu during the party’s congress which would take place over the weekend.

Cause of Anger

Yammin, who was once a strong ally of Betty Mould-Iddrisu, especially when the NDC was in political power, alleged that she has been spreading falsehood about him to tarnish his image in public.

According to him, “Betty Mould-Iddrisu has been going round lying that she once bought a pick-up for me and she is also peddling falsehood that she groomed me into politics and brought me to my present status.”

Yammin vowed to do everything in his power, including campaigning, to make sure the NDC delegates vote massively against Betty Mould-Iddrisu.

Yammin Roars

According to him, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, a former Attorney General (AG), doesn’t deserve to be elected as the NDC National Chairperson.

“This woman, Betty Mould, is a disaster for the NDC and I hope our party delegates will not make a mistake by voting for her,” Yammin told Oheneba Nana Asiedu of Fox FM on Wednesday during an interview.

He flatly debunked claims that Betty Mould-Iddrisu groomed him to become what he is today in politics, saying he rather supported Mrs Mould-Iddrisu by protecting her political career in the past.

“Betty did not make me as she claims; I rather sacrificed everything to save her almost dying political career at a time when the people who mattered most in the NDC had rejected her over claims that she had allegedly stolen money.

“I was there for her during those trying moments in her political career so she should tell her boys and stop fabricating falsehood that she once bought a pick-up for me, because that is palpable false,” he stated.

Yammin, who is from the north, said he stopped supporting Mrs Mould-Iddrisu immediately he realized that she (Betty), who is an Ashanti, has strong hatred for people from the northern regions of the country.

“Betty Mould-Iddrisu campaigned against me when I contested for the Ashanti Regional chairmanship position in the NDC recently because she insisted that an Ashanti native should be elected to lead the party in the region.

“This same Betty once told me in the past that Ghanaians were not ready for a president from the Northern Region when Mr. Mahama had announced his intention of contesting for president.”

According to Yammin, “Betty Mould’s marriage to Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, a northerner, doesn’t mean that she (Betty) loves northerners.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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