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‘NDC Executives are corrupt’ - Former Consul to Dubai

The former Consul to Dubai, Daniel Osei has said the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) can only regain power by checking the ‘corrupt’ party executives.

“Our biggest hurdle to victory 2020 is our corrupt and fraudulent executives who privately acknowledge one thing and publicly do the opposite,” he said in what looks like his Christmas Message to the party’s rank and file.

Mr. Osei said he is incensed by the actions of the national executives in particular for trying to lead the party astray, saying “the scamming of the process simply to ‘eat’ by these executives must be stopped and you have the power to stop them.

“Every day, the NPP gives Ghanaians good reason to reject them in 2020. From blatant corrupt practices to the gross disregard for the rule of law and vigilantism, there are plenty of reasons to convince the electorate to change the government in 2020.

“I believe we can return to power in 2020 if we organize well and position our party to win. Our executives promised we will commence branch elections around mid-year, and we should wait for the KB Committee report. We waited patiently.”

He said “after the committee released the report, the same executives said we should wait for the report, we can’t use the report because it’s a secret and gave us a new date of November and December to commence branch work,” adding “we obeyed and waited patiently. November came and nothing happened.”

“December is almost over, and just yesterday we were given a new date of January and February to start branch work. We must note the early bird catches the worm and we are behind in the race for victory 2020.”

He charged the party’s rank and file not to “relent in your quest for victory 2020, discuss issues dispassionately and organize in your communities effectively.”

“We can’t return these same crooks who gave us our worst defeat in the party’s history and expect different results. Look at their conduct in and out of office, and it’s clear nothing has changed. We must change our ways for different results. We can do it. We can win 2020 and it starts with a complete overhaul of our approach, and an honest conversation with the Ghanaian electorate on those issues that matter most to them.

“We cannot present the same group of failed leaders to the Ghanaian electorate and sell it as change. They won’t buy it.”

Mr Osei said that “change starts from within and we must change the corrupt and fraudulent leadership of our party. Our defeat is not as simple as a margin of a million votes or simply because our members stayed home. It’s much deeper than that and urgently begs for action.”
Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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