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NDC Polls: 'Zongo Commando' takes campaign to Greater Accra

The campaign team of Abdul Aziz Mohammed, known popularly by his followers as 'Zongo Commando', have taken his campaign to Greater Accra, the nation's capital to canvass for votes for him to win the National Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the National Democratic Congress.

As part of activities, they met delegates of the four Ayawaso Constituencies and assure them of the determination of the 'Commando' to lead an army of party foot soldiers ready to do battle in 2020.

As usual, the team hammered on the three core pillars the campaign message of the candidate is anchored, thus Form, Reform and Transform.

He believes that new structures (Form) must emerge in the Zongo communities to ignite hope ahead of 2020.

He also believes there must be changes (Reform) to change the dynamics of the Zongo communities in which majority of the votes usually obtained by the party comes from in order to increase the margin during next elections.

The most crucial, the campaign team emphasized was the new agenda (Transformation) of the candidate to inspire Zongo communities to aspire for victory in the 2020 elections.

Addressing the delegates, Abdul Aziz Mohammed catalogued a number of activities he would lead the party to embrace in Zongo communities. These include changing policies and programming to improve electoral fortunes of the party.

"In some Constituencies, we would need to introduce new strategies to win more votes. In other areas, we only need to consolidate gains made over the years. That is why we must inject fresh energy into the organizational process to gain absolute control of the Zongo communities. I am the Commando, I will lead that process", he charged.

The outspoken aspirant explained that the modus operandi of the NDC would have to shift from owning the Zongo communities into winning the Zongo communities because their opponents have made incursions using propaganda and lies.

"We can not continue to believe that our opponents would remain weak in the Zongo communities. What we need to do is to assure stakeholders in the Zongo communities that their welfare is our primary concern. Therefore we must toil together today, win together tommorow and make our collective welfare a priority next", he emphasized.

As usual, he descended heavily on the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) for failing the Zongo communities despite countless promises made before, during and after the 2016 polls to transform them.

"We can begin counting the failed promises. There were those promises made before the elections. Others came during the elections and even today they are still promising heavy and earth when hardship is actually everywhere", he pointed out.

The aspiring national coordinator of Zongo Caucus said when he wins, he would remind the NPP of all the promises made to Ghanaians especially in Zongo areas.

"We would continue to remind them of these failed promises. We have an obligation as leaders of the largest opposition party in this country to check their actions and inaction. This is part of the governance process", he stressed.

Source: ghanaweb.com
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