NDC Regional Chairmen making silly mistakes - NDC man

Dubai Consul Daniel Osei Former Consul General to Dubai, Daniel Osei

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

Daniel Osei, the former Consul General to Dubai under the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC), who criticized the way in which the organizers ‘skewed’ the party’s so-called Unity Walk in Cape Coast in favour of the former President, has his back again.

He said the 10 NDC Regional Chairmen acted silly by declaring their support for former President Mahama.

The move by the chairmen made little or no political sense, do we need another distraction with this (10 regional chairmen) silly act?” Mr Osei quizzed.

There has been a backlash against the Mahama camp and Mr Osei appears to be vocal in his criticism of all those fronting for the ex-President since the Cape Cost Unity Walk, which was designed to promote Mr Mahama at the expense of all those stalwarts, who have declared their intentions to lead the NDC in 2020 elections.

He was of the view that their action was jeopardizing the future of the NDC and compelling the rank and file to take entrenched positions instead of coming together to forge ahead in unity to enable them to capture power from the NPP.

“A noble MP managed to stop what would have been a PR disaster with sitting MPs and prevented a signed petition endorsing Mahama and they came out with the ’80 MPs want Mahama back’ verbiage, and now this (10 Chairmen’s action),” Mr Osei, who was once DCE for Ashanti Akim North, said on a social media platform.

“True or false, it only allows people to discuss how much it cost and if the GH¢1 million tag is the best use of the funds. Are there no thinkers in Mahama’s camp?”

“If at the recent Cape Walk Rally, everyone was allowed to speak for a couple of minutes and Mahama spoke last as per tradition, and at the end of his speech, invited all the potential aspirants, former ministers, and they lined up with Mahama in the middle, raised their hands in unity and sang the ‘Victory of the NDC’ is coming again, just imagine the headlines with photos of all of them holding hands and Mahama in the middle.”

He said “it would have been a great exclamation on a successful unity walk and the biggest winner would have been JM. It wouldn’t have cost a penny more and it would have endeared him even more to all.”

The former envoy said instead the Mahama camp employed bullying tactics “to prevent top men, party assets from speaking.”

“They could have each said something about the myriad of issues in the country and thereby allow JM to focus his message on unity. It would have been beautiful but alas, the same old tactics with very predictable results were employed and in the end to what end?”

He said, “I am scandalized as to why silly mistakes that are easily preventable are actually planned and executed. Why? If JM is too overworked or for whatever reason not capable of recognizing some of these mistakes, where are the thinkers around him?”

He added, “couldn’t anybody on his team realize taking an entourage of media with their cameras to accompany him on his private visit to a relative, Major Mahama’s widow was wrong? How many of us write on Facebook or social media about our gifts to friends when they’re bereaved, let alone family? What was the possible or potential upside to writing about this private visit on social media? Had there not been cameras, the bad joke or slip would have never been captured. And even still, when they edited to put on Facebook, did no one in his circle notice it was in bad taste to ask a child that question?”

He said that “there is a path to victory 2020 but we can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.”

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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