NDC polls: I will assemble best team to police 2020 elections - Zongo 'Commando'

Abdul Aziz Mohammed Abdul Aziz Mohammed

Wed, 17 Oct 2018 Source: Daniel Kaku

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) would have to assemble the best team in Zongo communities to police the 2020 polls, Abdul Aziz Mohammed, a stalwart of the party has said.

He said, following massive endorsement received from delegates, he has assured them that he would assemble the best team in the Zongo communities to deliver good results for the NDC and that would include policing the polls throughout the country.

Speaking in an interview with journalists in Accra, the 'Zongo Commando' charged members of the party to prepare adequately against the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

"We would have to prepare and stand firmly against all forms of threat from all corners. We would not compromise the integrity of the 2020 polls"

He expressed confidence in the youth wing of the party, stating that the leadership would make sure they are well resourced to play their role without any blemish.

"We collectively succeeded in wrestling power in 2008 from the NPP, and repeated the dose in 2012, therefore we can do it in 2020".

Abdul Aziz Mohammed catalogued a number of activities that would guarantee NDC victory especially in areas hitherto considered blank for the party.

He said aside policing the ballot boxes at the polling stations to stop electoral malpractice, rigging and unnoticeable manipulation of figures to favour their opponents, the returning centres nationwide would be cordoned by NDC 'army' to protect the declaration of results at the collation centres.

He said underground operations to build structures that would resist any dubious conduct during the process would also be applied.

"We are poised to win 2020, but all these measures would have to be followed critically to address what members of the NPP said were the use of military mafia to win the elections in 2016", he said.

According to the Zongo Commando, the party would observe all the electoral rules, follow due process throughout the electoral period, cooperate with electoral officials, but would resist any dubious conduct that would mar the beauty and sanctity of the electoral system and structures.

"That is just a caution to the state institutions to do the right thing and protect the integrity of the polls," he warned.

Source: Daniel Kaku
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