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NDC wants President to apologise Ghanaian women

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The National Women’s Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Hannah Louisa Bissiw, has taken issue with what she calls a misrepresentation of Ghanaian women by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo at the recently held International Women’s Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

According to her, the President, speaking on the theme “Women Deliver” had said at the conference that Ghanaian women had not shown enough dynamism and activism to deserve a place on the decision-making table.

Also, she said President Akufo-Addo misrepresented the percentage of women in his Cabinet when he said that his Cabinet was made up of 30 percent women.

According to Dr Bissiw, the composition of women in the current government was 26 percent and not 30 percent as quoted by the President.

In a statement, the National Women’s organiser of the NDC said the President’s oversight was incomprehensible and questioned whether it could be part of his mere lip service and rhetoric with regard to the empowerment.of women.

Call for apology

Dr Bissiw, therefore, called on the President to offer an unqualified apology to the women of Ghana for his comments.

“Elsewhere, such comments from President Akufo-Addo could kill the spirit and soul of gender empowerment activism,” she contended.

She added that, “however, the tsunami of voices of protestation from Ghanaian women demonstrate that we are well past being cowed into accepting such verbal abuse as women and as key players in our national development journey.”

She further said the focus of the gender dialogue which took place in Canada was to celebrate women from all walks of life who had contributed to the progress of the world but President Akufo-Addo did not see any improvement Ghanaian women had made to the world, including his administration within his two and half years in power.

Source: Graphic.com.gh
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