NPA slams LPG operators over strike

Gas Shortage LPG LPG Marketers are protesting government's Cylinder re-circulation programme

Tue, 22 May 2018 Source: todaygh.com

The National Petroleum Association (NPA) has accused members of the Petroleum Gas Operators Association (PGOA) of making the strike a war between their safety and profit and would find it easier to err on the side of safety and security.

To this end, the NPA called for calm among the public, following a declaration of a strike by the Petroleum Gas Operators Association.

The group declared the strike last week Friday in protest of government’s refusal to halt the implementation of the cylinder recirculation module. According to the association the programme was adversely affecting its members.

President of the Ghana LPG Operators association, Torgbui Adaklu V, said all efforts by GLiPGOA to have authorities halt the process within the given period failed to yield results, and, so, they have been left with no choice than to cease operations to press home their demands.

Hundreds of LPG consumers have been left frustrated at gas stations across the country following the nationwide strike by the operators which commenced yesterday

The NPA, in a statement, said some retail outlets were still operating regularly hence gas could be purchased at such outlets.

The NPA said “LPGMCs are not part of the strike. They are still committee members of the Implementation Committee… All Goil LPG stations across the country are not part of the strike… All Hills Oil (market leader) LPG stations across the country are also not part of the strike.”

The statement noted that the government will prioritise their health, safety and security over any and all considerations and accordingly and bear with the situation and look out for stations that are still in operations.

The NPA accused one Torgbui Adaku and his group of having made the strike a war between their safety and their profit and we find it easier to err on the side of safety and security.

According to NPA Torgbui Adaku has been a member of the implementation committee and has not hidden his abhorrence for a policy that seeks to place safety and security above his profit motive but he has consistently taken his sitting allowances. “Ghanaians are encouraged to consider resort to other substitutes to LPG in the meantime pending the full implementation of the CRM. Electricity tariffs have been reduced by government and that should create an incentive to switch to electricity.

“In the meantime, the public will be informed of areas where they can locate stations that stand in solidarity with their health, safety and security and continue to provide their services,” the statement noted.

Source: todaygh.com