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NPP did not form Invisible, Delta Forces; don't link them to us - Obiri Boahen

Deputy General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), lawyer Obiri Boahen, has revealed on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM that, the elephant family is not responsible for the various vigilante groups associated with the party.

Reacting to concerns raised by the Ashanti regional branch of Invisible Forces and neglect by the party, the lawyer told sit-in host of Frontline, Kwabena Agyapong that, the party did not sanction the formation of the vigilante groups hence Ghanaians should stop blaming the party for the existence of these groups.

Some constituency chairpersons for the Invisible Forces on Friday spoke with Rainbow Radio and slammed the party for neglecting them.

The four chairpersons, Richard Takyi, Tuffour Sharibu, Ibrahim Abubakar and Kwadwo Baafi told the host they were promised jobs but after two years of the party being in power, they have not seen the jobs promised them.

They have therefore planned a massive demonstration on November 20, 2018 to press home their demand for jobs.

They have also decried the failure of leaders of the party to address their concerns despite constant complaints.

Leading the team, Richard Takyi popularly known as Soja said, they sacrificed for the party but their sacrifice has not yielded any positive results.

The demonstration he explained will help authorities address their concerns. He also appealed to President Akufo-Addo to intervene because they believe his men have not been apt on matters affecting them.

But reacting to the concerns raised by the forces lawyer Boahen emphasised that, the NPP is not in charge of all the vigilante groups associated with the party.

He further disclosed that, loyal supporters of the party formed the groups but is not officially recognised by the party.

His comments nearly led to a verbal war between him and the members of the Invisible Forces who slammed him for making such comments. Lawyer said, the members are not being fair and the approach they have used is not the best.

He made claims that, some of the members of the forces have been given jobs. He said, some people died, others lost their eyes in the name of working for the NPP to make it win power.

''We should not be addressing this issue on radio. Let me be clear on this, the NPP as a party has not formed Delta Force or Invisible Forces. These groups were formed by loyal of NPP and it has helped NPP but we did not form it as a party. But the fact that it helped us does not make it a shoot of the NPP. People are calling on us to disband these groups as if the NPP formed it. We did not form it,'' he added.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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