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NPP’s ‘incompetent’ performance vindicating NDC government – Mahama

Former President John Dramani has said recent happenings in Ghana have exposed the New Patriotic Party’s lies told before the December 2016 general elections

This Mahama noted vindicates the NDC government which he said did its best for Ghanaians.

Mahama said he feels hurt listening to what he described as falsehoods peddled by the governing NPP against his government but restrains himself from responding with hopes that posterity would be the ultimate judge.

Adding that, recent happenings under this government has exonerated his government.

“Sometimes when I have listened to their lies, I feel very hurt in my heart at some of the creativity they have in crafting those lies. And sometimes humans that I am I feel like coming out and responding. But I remember that in our last campaign rally in Accra, I concluded by saying that, I have done my best and leave the rest to the Almighty God and I said history would be judged. I have always said that the Almighty God would speak. And if you look at the events of the last one and half years, you would know that our God is a living God. Recent events are vindicating the NDC,” he said.

He said his opponents have self-inflicting themselves by doing worst things than those they accused them of at the time.

“Our opponents who accused us of subjecting Ghanaians to hardship are putting Ghanaians through the most severe hardship in Ghana’s history. Our opponents who accused us without any evidence of running a family and friends government have proven to be the most nepotist government in the history of Ghana.”

The former President was speaking at Aflao in the Volta Region during the party’s final nationwide Unity Walk.

He said the Unity walk has proven to be the sure way of reorganising the party into the upcoming general elections.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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