Nana B celebrates Ghanaian youth on International Youth Day

Nana B Koforidua National Youth Organizer of NPP, Henry Nana Boakye

Mon, 13 Aug 2018 Source: Dickson Boadi

The National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Henry Nana Boakye affectionately called Nana B on Sunday, August 12th, 2018 marked International Youth Day with a call on the youth to tap into the good policies of the governments.

Citing the Nation Builder's Corps(NABCO) as one of such good programs, Nana B commended the President for initiating policies and programs geared towards the empowerment of the youth.


The international Youth Day is a globally designated day by the United Nations to create awareness of the cultural and legal issues surrounding the youth. The day is marked to draw government’s attention to the youth. It is important that we pay particular attention to the youth of our country so as to ensure the enabling ground is created to help them achieve their full potential.

It is evidently clear the NPP led government is committed to ensuring the growth and development of the youth of our country. The NPP led government through its social intervention policies is ensuring that the youth have access to Job opportunities through the unprecedented Nation Builder’s Corps (NABCO) programme that is enrolled to lure to the benefit of the Youth.

The government also understands the need to empower the Youth through education since our world is gradually shifting to a more technologically inclined position, it is important that right from the onset the youth gets access to education.

Thanks to the NPP government, there has been rolled out a free education policy that makes access to our secondary education free for all to have access to Education which is in line with the hopes and aspirations of the framers of the 1992 constitution of Ghana. I want to take this opportunity to say AYEKOO to the NPP government for its unparalled initiatives and support to ensure the enabling environment is created to foster growth and development of the youth.

The international youth day celebration for the year 2018 centres on the discussion of ‘safe spaces for Youth” which seeks to discuss the best to create a forum for the youth to feel free and get interactive to enable them reach their maximum potential without being hindered as individuals. I want to take this opportunity to edge all parents, guardians and all stakeholders who have a say and contribute to the growth of the youth to take upon themselves to ensure that they do their maximum best to facilitate the creation of safe spaces where the youth can freely share their problems and find lasting solutions to them.

There is an ongoing campaign in our country edging the youth to desist from the abuse of Tramadol which I believe is really helping to reduce the abuse of the substance. I want to use this time to add up to the wake call and advice the youth of our country that they very crucial to the development of the country and they are very much needed so the abuse of tramadol should be halted. The effects of tramadol are so severe it may end all your potential as a youth. I will therefore edge the youth that they should take advantage of the good initiatives of the NPP led government to better their Lives.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo for the good work being done for the youth of our country and also to all stakeholders for their contributions to the fight against tramadol. Let us continue to create more awareness of the dangers of tramadol until there is no youth abuse tramadol in our Country. God bless us all.

Happy Youth Day TO the youth and the Youth at heart.

Source: Dickson Boadi