Pan-African Youth Union condemns xenophobic attacks

Banin Ahmed Xeno.jpeg Secretary-General of PYU, Bening Ahmed

Thu, 5 Sep 2019 Source: Pan-African Youth Union

The Pan-African Youth Union has condemned the recent xenophobic attacks on some African nationals particularly Nigerians in South Africa.

The PYU, in a statement released on Tuesday, September 4, expressed sadness over the recent development which it described as “inhumane, unAfrican and uncivil”.

It also called on the South African government to take actions to address the problem.

Below is the statement



The Pan African Youth Union is deeply saddened by the news of xenophobia and horrific attacks on fellow Africans in the Republic of South Africa. These vicious attacks on fellow Africans are completely detestable and unacceptable.

We strongly condemn this violent behavior by criminal elements within the South African Society in no uncertain terms. The government of South Africa and the security agencies must take action to protect migrants according to international law.

We further condemn hate speech by some leading political and public figures within the South African society, their role as leaders must be to promote peaceful coexistence and harmony.

We regard these violent actions as barbaric, inhumane, unAfrican and uncivil, which should have no place on our continent. The fundamental human rights of every person whether migrant or citizen must be guaranteed and respected.

The South African government has a responsibility to protect the life and property of every person within it sovereign jurisdiction. We cannot accept this silence and inaction from authorities.

Recalling the African Charter on human and peoples’ rights and the Kampala convention for the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons in Africa, The Republic of South Africa has obligations as a state party to uphold its commitments within the union.

Recognizing the ideals of our founding fathers and the spirit of Pan Africanism, further recognizing the vision of African renaissance and building a united and integrated Africa, we find these cruel actions an affront to our Pan African ideals.

Conscious of the instrumental role African countries played in the liberation of South Africa from Apartheid, its unimaginable that the same South Africa we stood in solidarity with in the most difficult time of their history will become our murderers.

We cannot achieve regional integration and the Africa we want amidst this gross hatred and ill feelings towards fellow Africans.

Africa is one big family and a house divided against itself cannot stand. We can only flourish as a continent through unity, tolerance, peaceful coexistence and acceptance of our diversity.

A progressive Africa is one that can unite around our differences, challenges and common goals.

We call on the South African government to take immediate action to protect citizens of Africa and bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice. Crime and criminality has not colour, creed or citizenship and justice must be served.

We express our deepest condolence to the families and citizens of countries affected by these cowardly acts.

African youth will advise ourselves on the next step against the Republic of south Africa should these attacks continue unaddressed. However, we call for maximum restraint by fellow youth across Africa. Reprisal attacks cannot be a solution to the current situation.

We call for calm and assure all National Youth Councils, youth groups and organizations across Africa our next action will be communicated appropriately.

Let us rally around one common cause in harmony to build a continent at peace with itself.

God bless Africa and Make Her Great and Strong.




Source: Pan-African Youth Union
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