Sports News Sat, 4 Aug 2018

Pobiman project will come to fruition - Mark Noonan assures Hearts fans

The Managing Director of Hearts of Oak, Mark Noonan has sent assurance to the doubting Thomas’s in the club’s fraternity and to Ghanaians at large that he will ensure the Pobiman Training Complex will be achieved under his tenure.

Mark Noonan clearly states that the Pobiman Project is an important legacy to the club which the Ghanaian football family will benefit after its completion.

The American Marketing guru emphasises that a project like the Pobiman Training Complex, when completed, will provide world class training facilities which will better the career of footballers in Ghana.

“It is important to our club, it is important to football in Ghana to have professional facilities for the clubs to train and for the players. This can only help for the better,” the Managing Director said.

Mark Noonan was aware of the current situation in Ghana football and did not want to exaggerate on his promises but believes the club will start having massive infrastructural facelift belonging to the club.

He stresses out that every project the club have lined out will be manifesting and says it will be done anon in unison with everyone concern.

“I’ve never brought anything in Ghana. I just have to be careful not to over promise and not deliver but I can tell you that you will start seeing some substantial work that will include fields that’s ours out there.”

“We’re working with a Turkish company to manufacture the building and ship then over here.”

“It is happening, it is happening and we are doing together as quick as possible we can.”

Hearts of Oak have started using the Pobiman grounds leaving the Legon Ajax Park after four years.

Source: 442gh.com