General News Mon, 12 Nov 2018

Railway workers selling authority’s lands to be punished – Minister

Railways and Development Minister; Joe Ghartey has sent a clear message to thieving employees of the Ghana Railway Development Authority that after an audit no mercy shall be shown those who sold the authority’s land and other assets illegally.

He stated National Security operatives have been engaged to expose the rot and have evidence to put the culpable away.

“Some workers are selling state lands, how can the state waste money,” he queried warning he has been furnished by National Security of the Ghana Railway Development Authority’s assets but awaiting outcome of the investigation to act.

The minister had earlier warned encroachers to back off the authority’s lands as he seeks to revive the sector. His plan includes embarking on a re-administration and the construction of new railway lines.

The Ghana Railway Development Authority is a statutory body established by the Railways Act, 2008 (Act 779) to ensure the development and modernisation of the railway systems, both national and suburban in Ghana with the Authority providing the requisite infrastructure while the private sector provides the operational services.

Source: goldstreetbusiness.com