Rawlings’ attacks on my mother unpalatable – Anita De-Soso's son

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Tue, 19 Jun 2018 Source: starrfmonline.com

The son of NDC Vice Chairperson Anita De-Soso has lambasted former President Jerry John Rawlings for describing his mother as a crook.

In a video widely circulated, Mr. Rawlings verbally attacked Mrs. De-Soso following an earlier incident at the 39th anniversary of the June 4 uprising, where he called her out for bleaching.

“She is getting too fair, let’s stop those things we use on the body, let’s stop using that soap, it’s not good. She says she is my daughter so let me say it; tomorrow too come and say I’m your father,” he mocked.

Mr. Rawlings’ bleaching sneer of Mrs. De-Soso followed immediately after the latter knelt to beg him to forgive the sins of the NDC.

Mr. Rawlings who shied away from commenting on the plea at the 39th June 4 anniversary was heard saying in the widely circulated video that: “She [Anita De-Soso] is a crook. What she did was pre-planned. Yeah, the woman on the stage…on June 4th when she went on her knees, how come a woman come on her knees pleading for forgiveness.”

But in a sharp rebuttal Mrs. De-Soso’s son Franklin Dorledzi said Mr. Rawlings has no morale right to accuse his mum of being crook when there are several corruption allegations against him.

“It’s not coming from somebody who’s holier than the pope or the angel himself. This is coming from somebody who himself we all know has confirmed to taking $2million from Sani Abatcha. This is somebody whose wife bought a factory and was sued for it,” he told Starr news’ Kweku Obeng-Adjei.

“She’s not a crook. This is very unpalatable and distasteful from an ex-president,” he added urging Mr. Rawlings to render an unqualified apology to his mother.

Source: starrfmonline.com
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