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Removal of Eastern Regional EOCO boss ‘unfair’ – CDD-Ghana

The Director for Advocacy and policy engagement at the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), Kojo Pumpuni Asante, has described the suspension of the Eastern Regional boss of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) Fred Denzy as unfair.

Dr Kojo Pumpuni in an interview on Starr FM explained that Fred Denzy was only being honest when he asked the president to prosecute incumbent and previous government officials involved in corruption.

“The president has urged Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators hence, he was only being a vigilante citizen and these comments are true because if you don’t prosecute your own people, how will you be able to prosecute others, therefore, I am just hoping and expecting that EOCO pulls back on this suspension decision,” Mr Asante said.

“The ruling government should be ready, first and foremost, to prosecute their own officials when the slightest incident of corruption is raised against them then they can also get the guts to prosecute the opposition,” Mr Asante added.

The Eastern Regional boss of EOCO however appealed to Government to resource the anti-corruption institutions to be able to execute their mandates satisfactorily. He bemoaned the Challenges facing EOCO adding that it is inhibiting it to the fight against corruption.

But a statement by EOCO on Monday stated that the conduct of Mr. Dzeny is “against the ethical and professional standards of the Office. He has therefore been suspended and the matter referred to the appropriate unit for investigation.”
Source: thepublisheronline.com
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