Seth Ofori-Ohene enters NDC Vice Chairmanship race

Seth Ofori Ohene.jpeg Former press secretary to Atta Mills, Seth Ofori-Ohene

Sun, 5 Aug 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

With the dust barely settled on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) constituency elections, and nominations opened for regional and national executive positions, one more leading member has come forward to contest for the National Vice Chairman position.

The new entrant is the former press secretary to President John Evans Atta Mills, Seth Ofori-Ohene, who is poised to win the contest to provide exemplary leadership that will connect with the grassroots and the intellectual community for victory 2020.

This brings to four the number of leading members that has expressed their willingness to contest the vice chairmanship slot.

The other contenders in the race are one of the current Vice Chairmen of the party Alhaji Sinare, former member of Parliament for Abokobi Madina, Alhaji Sorogo and a new entrant lawyer Chriss Akumey.

Seth Ofori-Ohene, 46, who hails from Akuapem Larteh in the Akropong constituency of the Eastern Region enters the race unquestionably as a top-tier activist.

His entry into the race is no surprise. Seth Ofori-Ohene have been around for a long while and have served the NDC diligently at the very highest level. He brings to the table rich experience in political party organisation.

This splendid grassroots man comes with the best possible credentials - solid, hands-on, fresh-off-the-field, in-house experience, and a track record of selfless service, unalloyed loyalty, and dedication to the cause of the NDC spanning the life cycle of the party. His experience, spanning all the various hierarchies of the party structure, has given him a firm grasp of the party’s essence, ethos and workings thus making him a formidable candidate.

Seth Ofori-Ohene have the expertise, the know-how and the experience to bring everyone on board to solidify and cement the NDC’s presence on the ground and position the party as an unbeatable political machine capable of winning every election in the present day political environment.

During the opposition struggle between 2001 - 2008, Seth Ofori-Ohene was at the forefront of NDC politics. He first served as Press Secretary to Prof Kwesi Botchwey in the 2002 presidential primaries. Seth was subsequently appointed as Press Secretary to Candidate Mills, where he led the media campaign for the 2004 General elections. In addition, Seth played a key role leading to the 2008 elections victory. He served as Deputy Director of communications of the party, a position he acquired through recommendations by Prof Mills and John Mahama.

As an activist, Seth Ofori-Ohene continued to work for the party and his hardwork was duly recognised with an appointment as Presidential staffer in 2016 by President John Mahama. Prior to that he'd served in various top-notch governmental and managerial positions. He served on the NIB Board, and as the Director of Communications of the NDC between 2009-2010. Seth also served as Political Assistant to the former vice President, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur in the 2012 campaign.

Prior to working full time for the NDC, Seth was the Press Secretary of the National Union of Ghana students(NUGS) and Deputy Secretary General to the All African students Union.

Seth Ofori-Ohene is a Political Strategist, Brand Journalist, Communications Specialist, Public Finance Analyst and strategic thinker.

He has sound background in Strategic Analysis and Public Finance, Activism, Canvassing and Political Communications. Seth started his career as an Activist and Canvasser of the Democratic Youth League of Ghana. He has since worked in various capacities with the National Union of Ghana Students, the All Africa Students Union, the National Democratic Congress, National Investment Bank, National Health Insurance Authority and the Office of Government Machinery of the Republic of Ghana. Seth is also credited at the United Nations for his activism and lead role in drafting of the Braga Youth Action Plan of the Third World Youth Forum of the United Nations System in 1998. He has over two decades of active participation in the democratic process in Ghana. A man with deep passion for activism and good governance,

Seth Ofori-Ohene has attended a number of international conferences and seminars as part of his professional development; he was a Participant, Political Advisor course for Peace Support Operations in Africa, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre and the Austrian Ministry of Defense and Sports (2017)

Participant, workshop on Effective Negotiation, Persuasion and Critical Thinking, AZTECH, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (2016)

Participant, workshop on Successful Planning, Organizing and Delegating, AZTECH, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2016)

Participant, certificate course in Public Diplomacy, Diplo Foundation, Malta (2016)

Participant, workshop on Leading Strategic Change and Transformation, Inter Africa Group, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (2015)

Participant, workshop on Communications Strategy Design and Development, International School of Communications, Dubai, United Arab Emirate (2015)

Participant, workshop on Corporate Governance, Advantage Training, Johannesburg, South Africa (2014)

Participant, workshop on Corporate Governance, State Enterprises Commission, Ghana (2010)

Participant, seminar for African Cadres, China (2009) International Department, Communist Party of China;

Participant, meetings of the National Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress, Ghana (2008 - 2010);

Participant, meetings of the Functional Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress, Ghana (2008 - 2010);

Convener, meetings of the Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress with key International Observer groups during the 2008 Presidential Elections in Ghana;

Participant, Meetings/activities of the ECOWAS Elections Observer Group, Togo (2005);

Participant, meetings of the National Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress, Ghana (2003 - 2004);

Participant, meetings with constituency Party Cadres and Party Executives of the National Democratic Congress (2002 – 2005);

Observer, meetings of the Commission for Social Development of the United Nations, New York, U.S.A (February 2000);

Participant, United Nations Inter-Agency meeting on Youth, New York, U.S.A (2000);

Leader, assessment mission of the impact of the civil war in Sierra Leone, All Africa Students Union (December 1999);

Participant, World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth, Lisbon, Portugal (August 1998);

Lead participant, Third World Youth Forum of the United Nations, Braga, Portugal (August 1998);

Observer, meetings of the Commission for Social Development of the United Nations, U.S.A. (February 1998);

Participant, meeting of the International Campaign to ban landmines, Maputo, Mozambique (February 1997);

Participant, Micro-Credit Summit, Washington DC, U.S.A. (February 1997);

Participant, meetings of the Annual DPI/NGO of the United Nations, Ghana (1996 - 2000);

Participant, Congress of the Pan-African Youth Movement, Algeria (September 1996).

His educational background cut across the field of Communications, Strategy, Innovations and Public Finance. In the field of Communications, Seth Ofori-Ohene holds Diploma in Journalism, (Undergraduate Level) Ghana Institute of Journalism, Diploma in Journalism, (Postgraduate Level) Thomson Foundation Editorial Study Center, United Kingdom.

Master of Arts in Political Communication, Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

In the field of Strategy, Innovations and Public Finance Seth holds Post Chartered Diploma in Public Financial Management, the Institute of Chartered Accountants ICAG(Ghana) and Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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