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Stop attacking NDC; name corrupt persons – Pee Yalley to Amidu

A diplomat under the Mahama administration, Sam Pee Yalley has challenged anti-corruption campaigner, Martin Amidu name the corrupt persons in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and stop attacking the party.

“I challenge Martin Amidu and whoever to defend the Constitution of the NDC and to defend the Constitution of Ghana by pinpointing those who are alleged to be corrupt,” Mr. Yalley said on Eyewitness News.

Tensions within the NDC have seen a former deputy Chief of Staff, Valerie Sawyerr attack Mr. Amidu and former President, Jerry John Rawlings for having hypocritical stance on corruption, among other biting assertions.

Mr. Amidu, in a response to her, said he would continue to defend Ghana’s constitution and not be intimidated by members of the NDC.

The former Attorney General stressed that his “war” against the Mills/Mahama Government was rooted in the looting of GHC51 million by the Government and Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

He vowed that he would continue to fight the looting and protection provided to Mr.Woyome by the NDC government, which he said undermined the Constitution.

But Mr. Yalley insisted that the corruption claims surrounding Mr. Woyome, who has been hounded Mr. Amidu for almost four years after a GHC51 million judgment debt was unlawfully awarded him, should not reflect on the NDC as a party.

But if there were people who benefited from the GHC51 million, Mr. Amidu was free to name them, Mr. Yalley added.

“If there are individuals in the NDC, who are accomplices of the Woyome crime, he [Martin Amidu] has the right to mention them rather than smear all of us with that kind of situation. If Martin Amidu has evidence of anybody in the NDC who might have gotten a dime out of that situation, he should mention their names.”

“We formed NDC because we believed that, as social democrats, we are not going to be backed down by Woyome’s onetime corruption which is being used to smear everybody. If we are corrupt, what about those who went to funerals and donated money to him?”

Source: citifmonline.com
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