Sports News Mon, 23 Mar 2020

TMM Sports Alliance to unearth sports talents in Western Region

A new sports talent management firm, TMM Sports Alliance, says it is targeting young people in Tarkwa and the Western region with effective management to help them join the best sportsmen in the world.

TMM Sports Alliance was launched at Tarkwa with the unveiling of its first signee, Seth Baiden, a right-footed central midfielder who has unique tactics, speed and skills.

Tarkwa is best known for gold mining activities while the Western region prides itself as being originator of the best. Over the years, however, not much has been reported of sporting activities in the area.

The Executive director of TMM Sports Alliance says the firm has discovered a great deal of talent in Tarkwa and its environs and is seeking to reach them with top-notch training, grooming and exposure.

At the moment, a number of individuals and groups support people with sports talents in the region but without proven corporate governance structures, leaving people with sports talents, sometimes disappointed and disillusioned.

The entrance of TMM Sports Alliance, according to its management, will be the game changer in this regard as it signed the official legal documents covering its contract with first signee, Seth Baiden at the launch of the company.

Seth Baiden is looking forward to the next step which TMM is already far advanced discussing; a club to offer his highly skillful services.

TMM’s focus includes football, basketball, Tennis and Volley Ball. Sports pundits have listed lack of proper management of talents as one of the key gaps in sports development in Ghana.

They believe the emergence of TMM will help bridge that gap.
Source: 3news.com