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The KABA comeback that stalks us in eternity

KABA’s coffin sat in the center of the forecourt of the State House like the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia. A steady stream of mourners walked around looking at his mortal remains, still in disbelief.

The inspection was for many, an important personal testimony to satisfy the shock that one of radio’s best chatterbox was really in a box.

The file past must have felt longer than KABA's 37 years on earth.

But alas, the earth has no time to mourn. It has not noticed the earthlings shock at that November 18 tragedy for it still revolved around while life stood still for us.

The sun rose the day after and has been setting and rise in a careless regard for our loss. The inattentive universe still moves day by day and inexorably towards Armageddon, dragging all of us to this December 16 funeral rites of Multimedia star and host of Asempa FM's 'Ekosii Sen', KABA.

Men wept like stranded babies after seeing the immobile pile of flesh that remained of the broadcaster. A lady who was walking out, held her heart like it could suffer the fate of a stolen purse - get lost.

Her heart robbed of joy and for the Multimedia family, it was particularly hard to witness this sight.

It's a big family there. A close-knit family. There are no colleagues. There are buddies. Folks who sit in front of Joy FM on Fridays and chat the night away like tomorrow never comes.

This was hard. This was harsh.

The politicians sat close in two camps - The NPP frontlined by Samira Bawumia, Chief of Staff Frema Opare, National Chairman Freddie Blay, General Secretary John Boadu and National Youth Organiser Sammy Awuku. The NDC, flanked behind their General, Mosquito, Ade Coker, Allotey Jacobs.

They sat like how KABA would position them in the Asempa FM studio. A large host of politicians were there to bid farewell to their host.

The NPP delegation and government officials sat like they had no extraordinary delegate conference to organise. The Sunday event, less than 24 hours away was tucked out of their schedule with a respectful honour for KABA.

And they left after all was done. The NDC delegation notably was still present. There is no hurry in opposition.

KABA's wife, Valentina, a bride bereaved in just 12 months after that marriage in October 2016. She ended her life as a spinster in 2016 but now ends 2017 with a spinning head. She shook it several times during the file past.

The last surviving piece of KABA, their barely nine-month-old daughter Naa Yaa Ansah Acheampong would be crawling around the floor at home protected from her own mourning by an undeveloped memory.

But there are too many cameras here to capture and preserve for her this low blow from death.

The sermon tried to prevail on the living that this body was a tent. But judging from the creative make-up on display, the body was a cosy condo.

He explained, a tent is used when travelling but buildings are built when settling. If we understand the body as a tent, life would suddenly have the anxious expectations of a journeyman who cannot be held by temporary joys while he is locked in on an eternal destination.

Much later Tagoe Sisters recalled how they attended KABA's marriage rites a year ago and sang for joy. They would pay a tribute at this funeral with gospel songs that provided some explanation of this tragedy for Christians.

They sang a throwback to an era when gospel music did not have a controversial identity.

And songs like "Wo Ye Jesus", "Okamafo Jesus " and "Fa Bibiara Ma No" unconsciously sent the mourners to the place where KABA was - for eternity is written in men's heart. This was a very refreshing 15 minutes- perhaps the best 15 minutes at this dreary gathering.

There is no time to talk about Diana Asamoah's performance or 'DSP' Kofi Sarpong except that they brought a divine comfort.

When KABA's coffin was lifted up for its final journey, a sort of hold-your-breath mood descended on the mourners. A horde followed after the coffin with some close marking. It has really come to this moment. It has.

Some 10 minutes later, the mourning grounds fulfilled its secondary objective of socialisation. Politicians, journalists, friends did shoulder hugs, exchanged complimentary cards, phone numbers, hi-fives and of course selfies.

As the grave is incapable of holding the dead forever, the mind is incapable of holding grief infinito.

Source: Myjoyonline.com
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