This isn’t a project of ‘intermediaries ‘back off from Pwalungu dam - NDC warned

Pwalugu Dam 15 Pwalungu dam

Sat, 15 Feb 2020 Source: a1radioonline.com

The largest opposition party in Ghana,National Democratic Congress,NDC has been seriously warned to shamefully back off from the ‘game changing’ Pwalungu Multipurpose Dam Project in the Upper East Region.

According to the New Patriotic Party,the NDC is behaving like an incompetent ‘Kayayei’ accepting a load beyond his or her capacity yet will not allow anyone to takeover.

This backlash came at the backdrop of Minority MPs in Parliament boycotting a loan agreement of Ghs993 billon brought before Parliament for approval after President Nana Akufo Addo cut sod for the over three decade long project to be realized.

Minority in Parliament claims the project has been over bloated and procedures surrounding it are not transparent hence,will not approve it .This has led the Speaker to defer the debate on the project.

However, this has not gone down well with the Upper East Regional Executives of NPP who are peeve over the minority’s reprehensible actions amen are accusing the NDC of deliberately dragging the process for political expediencies.

“The NDC should not behave like the proverbial Konongo Potter who is unable to carry the load and yet he would not allow somebody else to carry same. Money was secured by former President J.A. Kufuor which funds if were applied would have by now seen to the completion of the PMDIP. The NDC watched on for this Game Changing Project for the two regions to chance. This is the opportune time for the NDC to do selves-introspection on the unhelpful path they have chosen”

“we are humbly appealing to you to join hands with us to tell the NDC to take their unproductive hands off the PMDIP.So NDC hands off PMDIP!!NDC hands off PMDIP!!!”

There are no Intermediaries Five (5) and Government Official One (1) tendencies in this project which is God-sent. Consequently we call on all members of parliament in Ghana and those in the Upper East and North East Regions in particular to ensure that the PMDIP’s financing arrangements take off smoothly” They said in a Press Conference.

They added that “It should not be said that the claim of the NDC stalled this project in the two regions as NDC is yet to reciprocate the gestures of the two regions who have voted for NDC more than any other party since the inception of the Forth Republic. It is said that: To whom much is given much is expected which is rendered in Latinity thus: Cui Multum Datum”.

The NPP however lamented that despite the low votes the party gets from the region, it will continue to work in developing the people.

“The NPP has at all material time during the Fourth Republic been given less in terms of votes by the two regions and yet any anytime the mantle of leadership falls on the party it has delivered more to these regions than the NDC. We are saying North East Region today because of NPP and we are mentioning PMDIP today because of NPP. Self-preservation is the first law of nature. In our collective interest, let the chiefs and people of these two regions vote massively on the 7th December, 2020 to retain the NPP in power so that the PMDIP and other projects as well as the transformative social and human-centered interventions of this government will continue without any interruptions. For it is said that once bitten twice shy and coming events casts their shadows. The very ill intentions of the NDC against the two regions are casting their shadows by the negative comments they are running on the PMDIP. We should therefore be shy as we have been given a raw deal by the NDC in 2009” Chairman Anthony Namoo who led the press conference added.

Source: a1radioonline.com