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Fri, 19 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

At the back of conversations around the controversial textbooks meant for primary school kids which many have described as tribalistic, some Ghanaians have called for the sanctioning of publishers behind the book.

Speaking to some Ghanaians at Accra New Town, they told GhanaWeb that the publication is derogatory and such actions must not be tolerated by the authorities involved and therefore called for appropriate action to be taken against the publishers.

According to those who spoke to GhanaWeb, the book is inimical to the love and cohesion that Ghanaians share despite our tribal differences.

“Those who brought that book must be taken on by the government because they are promoting tribalism. We as Ghanaians love each other and have inter-married out of that love and there are a lot of examples to show. If you publish a book that denigrates a group then you are promoting tribalism and the government must prosecute them, we as citizens will support that,” a man stated.

Some also thought despite the publishers erring in their work, there is the need to put the matter to rest because the publishers have accepted their fault and are making efforts to correct it.

“The publishers did not do well. For all the things in the book somebody must have seen that it was not good but they chose to ignore it. It makes me believe it was all deliberate but that will not benefit us. I am therefore pleading that we let all matters go to rest. They must be forgiven because the whole nation including politicians have condemned it and I think that’s enough to warrant forgiveness,” a respondent stated.

There was however a man who thought the criticism being directed at the publishers was misplaced as he feels the contents of the book was a true representation of the tribes in Ghana, specifically the Ewe tribe which was described in one of the books as being ‘juju loving.’

“I disagree because I don’t find anything wrong with the publication. Ewes are truly ‘juju’-loving people. They can give you problems if you get on their wrong side,” he stated.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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